A Poet with an Emcee Mentality

CharRon  is a spoken word artist / poet, DJ/Remixer, producer, MC, world traveler, Podcaster, zine / chapbook creator and movie buff. 

Raised across several counties in California, he classified himself the complete Californian.  He currently resides in Grass Valley, CA. After living in the Central Valley for 20 years, he has developed well-traveled views. This gives him a global understanding of the world.

He has embarked on his latest venture: spoken word artist / poet and Poetry Show Host. As regular the local poetry circuit in Sacramento, he has produced a couple full length spoken word features: Split Personality and Pacing Myself. He has also been an avid micropoet on Micropoetry.com and Twitter.

A veteran DJ for 14 years and music producer for 17 years under the stage moniker: CharRon Resolution(Mr. Resolution for short). He has perform at Weddings, Parties, Clubs, in a band, and as a solo artist. He produces music and remixes for a series of recording artists. His production company, A Serious Production, is catalyst to his musical domain. He enjoys Deejaying, producing and engineering musical compostions. A hip-hop producer at heart, his musical taste to different genres is diverse (drum, bass, electronica, trap, disco, funk, house, grime, rock, Latin and R&B). He is the turntablist / keyboardist for the Stockton alternative funk band, Alphabet Asylum.

As a veteran Emcee, He has performed in groups like Washington’s own Mr. Know-it-all & the essence of and is an affliate of 5150 records. He has appeared in several recording as both a feature and solo artist. His prime influence are Ras Kass, J-Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock, Dres of Black Sheep, Hieroglyphics, and Diamond D.

As a world traveler, He has spent much time on the East Coast with his extended famility.  He served in the miltary and was stationed in Korea, Washington State, South Carolina, and Virginia. He emerses himself in all new locations to absorb cultural influences, try new foods and meet people. He has enjoyed his travels [except finding out the New York pronunciation of “Houston.”]

He has produce and distributes his own periodical called Iambic, a literary magazine about the Sacramento Poetry scene. He interviews open mic host, write a poetry venue summary, and updates a poetry calendar for advertise upcoming or current poetry events.  He has currently converted Iambic into Iambic Podcast. He is also a Poetry reading Host at the Sacramento Poetry Center. He also has a series of poetry chapbooks.

CharRon loves movies! Loves them! He watches them, studies them and goes as often as possible!

He is an occasional Web occupant and resides at:


Napowrimo 2020 participant