Iambic Poetry Podcast

Iambic has a Podcast called Iambic Poetry Podcast. CharRon interviews poets, performers and Artists of the Sacramento area.

Slam The Reel Poets welcome AndYes to the panel as they discuss the 1998 Film, Slam, that features Poetry Slam champion Saul Williams and Sonja Sohn. We discuss some poems and several scenes.  Plus, we got our first 0.5 snap judgment on the show.  Social MediaAndYes: Social Media -AndYesAuntie Vice: Social Media – Auntie ViceCharRon: Social Media – IambiczineMarvin: IG – Starvinmarvin09
  1. Slam Movie
  2. Howl (Ginsberg)
  3. Natachi Mez – Immaculate
  4. Dead Poets Society
  5. The 40-Year-Old Version