Iambic Poetry Podcast

Iambic has a Podcast called Iambic Poetry Podcast. CharRon interviews poets, performers and Artists of the Sacramento area.

The boy and the poet Iambic Poetry Podcast

The Reel Poets review the 2016 Korean award winning motion picture, The boy and the poet or Poet's love.  Check out what we learned about this movie. Snap Judgement  7.5 of 9 snaps Instagram  Auntie Vice – Auntie Vice  Marvin – Starvinmarvin09 CharRon- Iambiczine 
  1. The boy and the poet
  2. Speaq – Jack of all trade produces the Root of Happiness
  3. Brad Buchanan – Chimera
  4. Benediction
  5. Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets

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