Iambic Poetry Podcast

Iambic has a Podcast called Iambic Poetry Podcast. CharRon interviews poets, performers and Artists of the Sacramento area.

Coon the Poet Part 2: Lion Share Iambic Poetry Podcast

This part 2 of our two part episode with Coon the poet. Coon speaks about his US poetry tour and goes into talking about recording an album. We talk to Coon about being a Sacramento Poet Laureate candidate. We discuss the awards he has won and his latest podcast, KingME podcast. We then asked the Page vs Stage question and his top 5 rappers. Coon gives a salute to the Legacy of Sacramento Rappers. We finish with his social media information. Social media:@coonthepoet Website:Https://linktr.ee/Iambiczine  Excerpt: (found on YouTube)Coon the poet – Anniversary poemKingMe podcast: Season
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