Iambic Poetry Podcast

Iambic has a Podcast called Iambic Poetry Podcast. CharRon interviews poets, performers and Artists of the Sacramento area.

Romeo is Bleeding Iambic Poetry Podcast

Reel Poetry reviews 2015 award winning documentary, Romeo is Bleeding.  Where we meet Donte Clark, a spoken word poet and youth director recreate a Romeo and Juliet adaption to represent the turf war of Richmond, CA.    Snap Judgment: 9 out of 9 snaps Follow on Instagram Marvin – Starvinmarvin09 Auntie Vice – Auntie Vice CharRon – IambicZine
  1. Romeo is Bleeding
  2. Love Jones Feat. J. Rowe
  3. Sarah Oktay – Scientists are Poets
  4. Things never Said Feat. J.Rowe
  5. Bright Star Feat. Danielle Metzinger