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Iambic goes to the movies

You may have noticed that my podcast, Iambic poetry podcast, has been doing movies reviews for the past few weeks.  Well, the reason is simple. Movies are another ways that media uses poetry. Beyond music and visual art, movies have showcased poets and poems to the world.  Some movies have reach the mass media and have become cult classics. So, I started a new podcast series called Reel Poetry.

Reel Poetry is a movie review that discusses films with poetry or poets being showcase and rates them for the general public. The idea is to make the public aware of independent or commercial Poetry Films. Even films that were made from the blueprints of a poem. 

I am joined by returning podcast guests,  Marvin Xia and Auntie Vice as my new co-host for this series. We will also bring in feature guests to get their commentary on specific films. We, also, have a movie rating system called Snap Judgement. I consist of 3 snaps, 2 snaps, and 1 snap to rate a movie. I also allow 1/2 snap increments.

We have an ever increasing list movie titles.  Here are a few that we have reviewed: Paterson,  Nightmare before Christmas, Poetic Justice, the Kindergarten teacher,  and We are Animals. Check it out. on Iambic Poetry Podcast

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Reel Poetry 2021 Year in Review

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry

The year of 2021 is over. CharRon, Marvin, Auntie Vice have reviewed 45 Poetry movies in 2021. Double the amount than 2020.  Now, They review the movies they like, dislike,  our taste to Bio films, and why live – action Mulan is crap. Plus, They create the 3/4 snap sign.   The Reel poets would also like to give praises to: Jesse Rivera, Danielle Metzinger, AndYes, Bri Blue, Len Germinara, Izzy Lala, Tarendeep, J Rowe, and Diana Medina for being our guest for these reviews.  If you want to check out the 2021 Poetry Movie list, click here



Marvin – Starvinmarvin09

Auntie Vice – Auntie Vice

CharRon – Iambiczine



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Frosty the snowman & Little Drummer Boy Ft. Jesse Rivera

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry with featured guest: Comedian/Podcaster – Jesse Rivera(Jesse Rivera likes to talk Podcast). This week, the Reel Poets review another Rankin/Bass classics: Frosty the Snowman and Little Drummer Boy. We talk about how our feeling change from watching as kids and adults.  We also experiences our first murdered characters in these classics. It is odd that these were holiday classics for decades. 


Snap Judgement 

Frosty the Snowman – 4.5 out of 12 Snaps

Little Drummer Boy – 4.5 out of 12 Snaps


Jesse Rivera – Jesseriveralikestotalk

Marvin – Starvinmarvin09

Auntie Vice – AuntieVice

CharRon – Iambiczine

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Santa comin to town & Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer

Iambic Poetry podcast presents Reel Poetry.  The Reel poets are back and their journey take them into Christmas movies.  The most popular animated cartoons are made by Rankin and Bass Production.  So, they review two well known American classics: Santa is comin to town & Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer


Snap Judgment:

Santa comin to town & Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer – 1.75 Snaps


Marvin – Starvinmarin09

Auntie Vice – Auntie Vice

CharRon – Iambiczine

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Marisa Lin: holy chrysanthemum

CharRon chats with Poet/chapbook author Marisa Lin.  Marisa is a Chinese immigrant from Rochester, Minnesota.  While attending Stanford University, she began writing poems and has since published poems on various faith-based blogs. She is an alumna of the 2021 Community of Writers Poetry Workshop and is currently working on her first chapbook, Holy Chrysanthemum, which explores her family’s immigration story through a spiritual lens.



Marisa: mar_isa_risa

CharRon: Iambiczine

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CharRon Smith, The Comic

So in the year 2020, I took a few risk to enrich my mindset during the pandemic. I put more focus on my podcast that led to a new section called Reel Poetry, I accepted the Vice Presidency position at Sacramento Poetry Center, and I took a comedy course at the Comedy Spot online.

So, I took two course at the Comedy Spot online: Stand-Up comedy 101 and Comedic Storytelling. My teachers, Melissa Melgullicutty and Lisa Cantrell were fabulous educators. Melissa is a seasoned comedian from Sacramento and Lisa is a Storyteller and founder of Capitol Storytelling(an organization that teaches people how to craft a story for the masses.). For 2 months, I learned how to craft a joke, rules to create jokes, perform to an audience, deal with hecklers, write a story, and edit jokes and stories.

Being that I have worked with comics and been a Spoken word artist for several years, I understood the stage performance aspect but I did not know how to create jokes. So, Comedy 101 helped me find humor in my stories and my everyday life. But, we were not able to perform on stage in front of people due to the pandemic so the student just did a 5 minute set in their classes zoom room and ended with that accomplishment.

This year, as the restrictions started to be lowered, The Comedy Spot felt 2020 students should get an opportunity to get on stage and perform a 5 minute set to an audience. So, they sent a invitational email to all 2020 student and asked if they would like to perform. Ten students were brave enough to say yes and I was one of them.

If you want me to post the video, leave a comment.

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Hello, CharRon 4.5!!

So, you made it. Congratulations! This is the previous version: CharRon 4.4. I can see a big difference in you. But, I have done several impressive things since We moved to Grass Valley:

  • I worked on my musicianship skills with drums and piano.
  • I actually did comedy on stage.
  • I am the Vice-president of Sacramento Poetry Center.
  • I reconnected with my family and friends.
  • I engineered a show at the Capitol building of California.
  • I took a dump on the Capitol building.
  • I spent a lot of time in Brutte County.
  • I have been to the city of Paradise.
  • I Deejayed shows during the pandemic.
  • I Deejayed a Radio show.
  • I am a podcast producer.
  • I co-host on another podcast.
  • A Serious Production reports an increase in profits.
  • I did a Keynote presentation to educate children about Poetry using Hip-hop and got paid for it.
  • I was a paid Lab Technician for Durham School.

I still smile when I think about what I have accomplished in 2021. Can you believe it? I am impressed.

There were a few failures: Mulitiple affairs ended and almost ended a great relationship but terminated friendships with wonderful women. Plus, it opened a lot of issues that I haven’t concluded. No savings while on unemployment. So, the bank accounts are somewhat bare, Sorry. The pandemic was a wake-up call. So, wake up! This is your time. You are better now but it still bothers us.

CharRon, You are a powerful individual who is bound for greatness. But, you have to believe it like mom believe in God. You are doing something that most people don’t do. So, evolve with it . Let the pandemic be your turning point. You are CharRon 4.5. So, here is a 2022 Task List:

  • Create, record, and distribute a song
  • Get on the radio again.
  • Evolve in your business
  • Be involved in your relationship with Bec.
  • Help Sacramento Poetry Center get back into the poetry community.
  • Be more involved in your kids lives
  • Play keys and drums on stage.
  • More exercise
  • Work on your credit.
  • Get a van or SUV.
  • Stress less
  • Make a ruckus.

So, what will 2022 be like? Your guess is as good as mine. But that is the joy and fear of the unknown. You have the power to change our future with family and fortune. Time is a commodity that we take for granted. So, do that. The business is our baby. A Serious Production is going to become a powerhouse. You just need to understand the business and it will grow with you.

Bec want to understand you but you have to let her in. She is in a fragile state and these past discretion have put her on the fence. So you have to reassure her. She has done a lot in relationships. So you need to be honest because she deserves that.

Understand. you are suppose to win and learn. So, let’s do that. Here are the keys. Happy 45th birthday, CharRon. As, CharRon 3.9 said “it is your time to shine.” Let’s makes that happen.

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Operation FreeSoul Ft. Coon the Poet

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Operation FreeSoul Podcast with AndYes

AndYes chat with Sacramento Spoken Word Veteran Coon the Poet.  Coon the poet also has been on Iambic podcast. Here is that episode link:

This is the first episode recorded by Operation FreeSoul Podcast.



Coon the Poet – Coonthepoet

AndYes – operationfreesoul

CharRon Smith – Iambiczine

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David Rosenheim: Poetry is a Simple Song

CharRon chat with Poet/Songwriter David Rosenheim about his poetic journey, His passion in songwriting, his involvement in 3 music bands, The passion he experience at the Community of Writers summit in Squaw Valley, and Difference with songs and poems. 

He also recites his poems: Unincorporated  


Social Media

David Rosenheim –

CharRon Smith – Iambiczine (Instagram)

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Operation FreeSoul Episode: Paul Willis

Iambic Poetry podcast Present: Operation FreeSoul Podcast with AndYes.

AndYes chats with Recording Artist and Activist Paul Willis.  Paul Willis has moved back to his Hometown of Boston but he is not forgotten. He has landed a incredible mark on Sacramento with several Projects in music, social awareness, and speaking circuit.  Also check out Iambic’s interview with Paul Willis, click here


Social Media

AndYes – Operationfreesoul

Paul Willis- Paulwillisishiphop

CharRon – Iambiczine