Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Iambic poetry podcast have featured several guests on the podcast and Reel Poetry has reviewed several poetry movies. So, since it is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, here is a listing of podcast episodes you to listen to.

Here is a list of episodes to check out or review in honor this month:

Poet Episodes:

Reel Poetry Episode:

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Iambic goes to the movies

You may have noticed that my podcast, Iambic poetry podcast, has been doing movies reviews for the past few weeks.  Well, the reason is simple. Movies are another ways that media uses poetry. Beyond music and visual art, movies have showcased poets and poems to the world.  Some movies have reach the mass media and have become cult classics. So, I started a new podcast series called Reel Poetry.

Reel Poetry is a movie review that discusses films with poetry or poets being showcase and rates them for the general public. The idea is to make the public aware of independent or commercial Poetry Films. Even films that were made from the blueprints of a poem. 

I am joined by returning podcast guests,  Marvin Xia and Auntie Vice as my new co-host for this series. We will also bring in feature guests to get their commentary on specific films. We, also, have a movie rating system called Snap Judgement. I consist of 3 snaps, 2 snaps, and 1 snap to rate a movie. I also allow 1/2 snap increments.

We have an ever increasing list movie titles.  Here are a few that we have reviewed: Paterson,  Nightmare before Christmas, Poetic Justice, the Kindergarten teacher,  and We are Animals. Check it out. on Iambic Poetry Podcast

Speaq – Jack of all trade produces the Root of Happiness

CharRon sit downs and chats with Sac’s own Jack of trades(Poet, Emcee, Podcaster, Photogapher, Show host, & Wedding professional), Speaq.  We discuss his poetic journey, being a Wedding photographer and Wedding Emcee, bing a podcaster, and running Roots of Happiness open mic at Two Kava Bar locations.  Plus, I give out some hidden gems about myself.



CharRon – Iambiczine

Speaq – Speaqpro

Brad Buchanan – Chimera

I had the pleasure to talk with Cal State Professor, Poet, Publisher, Author, and Cancer Survivor – Brad Buchanan.  We talked about his fourth book(second book on Finishing line Press), Chimera.  Plus, we discussed his previous books(The Miracle Shirker, Swimming the Mirror, and the Scars, Aligned), being a professor at Sacramento State University, being a Book publisher and owner with Roan Press, and his journey being diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2015. He has been in remission but he experience several complications.  Finally, he recites a poem from the new book to his late mother.

Preorder your copy of Chimera: click here

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Reel Poets are back with a Poet’s film review. This is the 2022 British release, Benediction.  A Biographic drama film depicts the Life of Seigfried Sassoon, a war Poet during World war I.  


Snap Judgement

5 out of 9 Snaps


Marvin – Starvinmarvin09

Auntie Vice – Auntievice

CharRon – Iambiczine

Quarterly Life Poetry

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry. The Reel Poets review 2019 FXX Series, Quarterly Life Poetry, starring QFP creator Samantha Jayne. Check out the @Quarterlylifepoetry instagram account and the Poetry book: Quarterly Life Poetry – The Young, Broke, & Hangry.

Snap Judgement

Quaterly Life Poetry – 8 out of 9 Snaps


Marvin – Starvinmarvin09

Auntie Vice – AuntieVice

CharRon – Iambiczine

Quarter life Poetry – Quarterlylifepoetry

What’s so funny about Poetry? Ft. Russell Cumming, Ike Torres, Auntie Vice & Jokenwordz

In the year 2022, CharRon produces a Comedy-Poetry show called What’s so funny about poetry? It features comics and poets on the same stage at Stab Comedy Theater in Sacramento.  This is the first show that features: CharRon Resolution, Ike Torres, Auntie Vice, & Jokenwordz with Russell Cumming as your Host.  This July: The show’s name is changed to Loud Mouths. It will appear on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 8:30pm PST.   For Streaming information and tickets:

SIde Note

Also, each performer has been a guest on Iambic Poetry Podcast. So, Listen to their episode.



Slam Ft. AndYes

Reel Back: Slam movie is being reposted because the first one was incompleted. The Reel Poets welcome AndYes to the panel as they discuss the 1998 Film, Slam, that features Poetry Slam champion Saul Williams and Sonja Sohn. We discuss some poems and several scenes.  Plus, we got our first 0.5 snap judgment on the show. 


Snap Judgement

5 out 12 Snaps

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