My Sherman Hemsley story

When I found out that Sherman Hemsley has died last week, it made me pause and reminisce about him. His acting career has spanned most of my life. Even with 3 successive shows and cameos, his acting career was paramount and his celebrity status has kept him relevant in the entertainment industry.  His short stature has given people, like comedian Kevin Hart or Martin Lawrence, a positive role model to be inspire by … Continue reading My Sherman Hemsley story

Iambic’s Meet the Host: Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams extraordinary story goes beyond being a open mic host at Sacramento Poetry Center.  She is a speaker, published writer/ poet, English teacher, Coach, and visual artist. She considers herself an artistic Healer.  Her website, Restory your life, present her work and her experience with Post traumatic stress disorder.  I interview Wendy with 10 unique questions for July’s issue: When did you start writing poetry and why … Continue reading Iambic’s Meet the Host: Wendy Williams

Iambic’s Meet the Host: NSAA: Part 1

Lawrence “NSAA” Dinkins is a Renaissance man: Veteran Poet, Poetry Show Host, Blogger, Recording artist, photographer, graphic designer, podcaster, entrepreneur and book author. A Detroit native, his portfolio life has made him an active artist in the Sacramento art and poetry scene. He appears in June’s Issue of Iambic. His latest event is Poet vs. Band on June 11, 2017 At Gold Lion Arts (2733 … Continue reading Iambic’s Meet the Host: NSAA: Part 1

Chris Cornell(even I liked him)

In the 90s, I experience a moment in music. Hip-hop was starting to propel itself beyond the ghettos into the suburbs and rural areas. House music started the push of dance music that evolved even further than what is even played on the radio.  Even pop music started to become a formula that could be used in any genre of music and create song that would saturate the radio and billboard charts.  But, what about happen to rock music?

Continue reading “Chris Cornell(even I liked him)”

Attention (Acrostic poem)

Direct your attention I‘m about to flow Ready for eargasms? Then here we go. Eccentric lyrics and rhythms are the key. Captivating you mind fame as you can see Titillating your temporal lobe with a verbal lobotomy Yes, kind sir. Open for suggestions? Unity is needed. why, they are opposing? Resistance is approaching. Let’s be blunt. Every blind persons has a want You’re not giving it to them … Continue reading Attention (Acrostic poem)