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EP 9 Michael Ellis – From the Page, To the Stage.

As a published author, Michael has written several books and hosted or facilitated poetry groups. Keynote poetry being his primary purpose, he has use his skills to maneuver with young rappers and college professors. His latest endeavor is Directing a Theater play called When I get free, that is poetry driven. Like Hamilton,  there are scenes that have lines but the Poems are the powerful parts of the story.


Topics Discuss:


  • His Origin to poetry
  • Poetry: his escape
  • His books
  • His new persona: Inkcredible Poet
  • Keynote Poets
  • Page vs. Stage
  • His admiration towards 2Pac
  • Theater poetry defined
  • Being a Director
  • Math of poetry
  • Word wizards affiliation


Event and Social media


Check out the theatrical debut: When I get free at Ooley Theater on February 8 at 7pm 2007 28th Street.



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Christmas Misfit Mix

I like Christmas but I notice that they play the same songs all the time.  These songs have become a commerical money grab for the artist or music label.  Singers just sing a list of well known songs and put out a christmas album.  Simple.  But what about the songwriters that want to make a new song, where do they go?  Ah, the misfits that create a new song for the masses that only a few know about because radio does not play them.  So, I created a mix that features a few of unnoticed songs from the Christmas Misfits.

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Honour thy Rap Fathers?

I just read the PitchFork article between Anderson Paak and Lil Yachty. The fact that Lil Yachty rap knowledge is premature is interesting. But, he did bring up a good point: where in the hip hop handbook does it say you need to list some key rap songs to make music? It doesn’t because there is no such thing as an official hip-hop handbook.

Generation Conundrum

Every generation always seems to understand the blueprint of hip hop but fail to be aware of its background. This situation doesn’t surprise me: Should he know anything about his predecessors (i.e. Notorious BIG or Tupac) that the rest of the older community has grown fond of?

We are so complacent of the past that most hip hop purist announced the death of the culture a decade ago. Lil yachty was born when some of the most influential rappers died. They don’t resonate with this generation and they shouldn’t have to. The rappers or MC they have grown up with are not the same as the 80s and 90s rappers. We should not have to hold every young rappers accountable with hip-hop’s history. Since, Most people are not doing this for the culture and we know this.

Hip-Hop Education on its Evolution

Since we all love the same genre we should subside our differences and educate each other. The music is there, but it has new and different players like sports. Dead End hip-hop did five YouTube episodes with a few of younger guys discussing the differences about hip-hop evolution.][]

We all know the rap game has changed. Some say it’s a young man sport but hip hop purists rather be zombie than bury their music in a 6 foot deep grave.