Mouse wants elephant (Day 22)

On a hot summer day, A starving mouse searched for food in the Sahara desert. Over a hill, mouse saw a lone elephant in a waterhole, relaxing. Mouse’s mouth watered at the massive size of the elephant. But, mouse knew the elephant was too big for him to take down. So, the mouse devised a plan. Mouse ran down to the valley towards a pack … Continue reading Mouse wants elephant (Day 22)

Chicken on the carousel (Day 19)

Sun brighten A chicken spins around on a carousel with unquestionable joy. Round and round it goes. heat radiate over its skin. It spins near vegetable patch and rice field. In a window from a distance, Someone look out. Intrigued. they survey the area. Chicken doesn’t know what to do. Just sits back and enjoys the ride. Ding. Microwave chimes. open the door. pull out … Continue reading Chicken on the carousel (Day 19)

Change in Scenery (day 12)

I moved from Stockton to Sacramento. I have been living in a 4 bedroom house in south Sacramento for 2 1/2 years. I rented a child size room with 2 windows. The house had several problems. It was definitely a project home. It was not welcoming. People could see that I was unhappy with my living situation but, I maintain and kept myself busy doing … Continue reading Change in Scenery (day 12)