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Kellz Barksdale aka Jokenword: Art of Poetry and Comedy

CharRon zoom chat with Sacramento new comedian, Kellz Barksdale from New Jersey, who is also a spoken word artist that merge both poetry and comedy together.  This talent created his moniker, Jokenword. We discuss his origin story. His poetry style. Why doe he do comedy and poetry? He discusses his journey from the east coast to the west coast, then from Southern to Northern California. His zoom show, Joke and word. His connection with Coon the Poet,  T.K. Kirkland,  and Wanda Syke. He talks about his book, The Art in Jokenword. He even performs his poem, Monopoly.


Social media and Website:


Social media: Jokenword

Voyage LA interview:

Random Thoughts Podcast Episode #162

Book: Art of Jokenword by Kellz Barksdale:


Iambic poetry podcast


Excerpts: (found on Youtube)

Poem: Entanglement

Comedy Set at Sacramento Punchline


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Malik Saunders Part 2: The Risen

CharRon chats, via Skype, with Spoken word artist, Published author, and Hip hop head: Malik Kaume-Dau Saunders.  We discuss his poem: Reader’s Digest, his 2 books, page vs the stage , Top 5 rappers and Social media.  This is part two of a two part episode.


Social media and Websites:


Malik Saunders:


Facebook: Malik Kaume-Dau Saunders


Iambic Poetry Podcast


Excerpt (on youtube)

Poems from Serendipity Memoirs from the 5th floor


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Bob Stanley: Life in Random Lanes

CharRon got the honor to talk to former Sacramento Poet Laureate, Sac Poetry Center President, Poet, Musician, Book Publisher and English Professor; Bob Stanley.  We discuss about being Poet laureate, Being President of a Poetry organization, being a publisher and owner of Random Lanes Press, Being a Published Writer, His music and his Love for poetry.


Social Media:

Facebook: Bob Stanley


Email address




Random Lane Press


Iambic Poetry Podcast

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Letter K: Patriarch of Game

CharRon had a zoom chat with his former band mate and good friend Eric “Letter K” Luis.  Letter K has a multitude of endeavors during his two decade career. From his janitorial start, he has achieved being in management in Grocery and Tech Industry.  But his career also consists of being a published Author, Lead Vocalist (Intercourse & Alphabet Asylum), Videographer, Actor, Record Label founder, Pinball machine Restorer, Show Producer, Show Writer, Mixologist, and front runner.


Check out some of his catalog:



Alphabet Asylum – The Balance album 

Letter K solo songs –



Video Cookbook –

K’s House –

209Vibe –


Published Stories:

Strommers Rock – Down in the dirt





Excerpt: Song or Show Clips:

  • Alphabet Asylum – I write Rhyme
  • Alphabet Asylum – Just a Suggestion
  • Alphabet Asylum – Another MC (Remix)
  • K’s House Promo
  • 209Vibe
  • Video Cookbook Christmas Special
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Coon the Poet Part 2: Lion Share

This part 2 of our two part episode with Coon the poet. Coon speaks about his US poetry tour and goes into talking about recording an album. We talk to Coon about being a Sacramento Poet Laureate candidate. We discuss the awards he has won and his latest podcast, KingME podcast. We then asked the Page vs Stage question and his top 5 rappers. Coon gives a salute to the Legacy of Sacramento Rappers. We finish with his social media information.


Social media:






Excerpt: (found on YouTube)

Coon the poet – Anniversary poem

KingMe podcast: Season

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The Golden Buzzer

Brandon Leake has been writing poetry since high school. Since then, he has been writing, teaching, and performing poetry professionally for 15 years. He has won several Slam poetry Tournaments, writing chapbooks and anthologies, creating 2 albums, and running a non-profit organization called Called to Move.

June 30, 2020 – Brandon Leake was the first Spoken Word artist to perform on America’s got talent. With a heart moving poetry performance, Howie Mandel hit the Golden Buzzer.

To learn more about Brandon Leake, Check out his podcast interview on Iambic poetry podcast. Hit the link above.

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Coon the Poet: The Green Ranger part 1

CharRon zoom chats with South Sac Poet, podcaster, and Host; Coon the Poet. This is part 1 of a two part episode. 

Topics Discuss:

  • being shot at age 15 
  • Hip hop is Poetry
  • a glimpse of South Sacramento in the 1990s. 
  • Superheroes and their values to the youth. 
  • Power Rangers
  • E-Legal
  • his father rhyme book
  • being a host
  • first US tour.

Social Media:



Iambic Poetry podcast


Excerpt (all can be found on Youtube):

KingME Podcast EP 6: Seasons

My Anniversary Poem

Coon’s first Spoken word tour Rochester, NY promo video

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Russell Cummings: The Blueprint

CharRon zoom chats with the multi-Talented entertainer, Russell Cummings. This Grambling Alum has a lot of achievemets to discuss.

Topics Discussed:

  • Poet’s Origin
  • Grambling (University Life)
  • Culture Shock
  • Dancer side
    • Chuck E Cheese Mascot
    • Sacramento Kings
    • Showcases
  • Poetry side
    • Mahogany Poetry Host
    • Guerrilla Poetry
  • Comedy Side
    • Elephant in the Block
    • Ventura
    • Impersonations
  • Group Host
    • Real men Talk
    • Black Cupid
  • Who is Maximillan De Beni Manifestation
  • ZFG
  • Page vs Stage
  • Top 5 Rappers
  • upcoming events

Social Media:

IG: Russellcummings8


Iambic Poetry Podcast:



Poem Excerpt:

New Slaves

Little Ants

Sacramento Kings

All poems are on Youtube


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Rob Esperanza: Poetry and Politics

CharRon skype chatted with Activist, Father, Farmer, and  Political Poet: Rob Esperanza.

Topic Discussed:

  • His New York Origin
  • Traveling to Sacramento
  • Cultural Shock
  • Hip-Hop & Slam Poetry
  • Poetry style: List poem
  • Nuyorican Cafe
  • New York Poetry & Sac Poetry
  • 2015 Sac Slam team 
  • Trobairitz: Rob’s eclectic collective
  • 2015 National Poetry Slam tournament, Oakland
  • 2015 Oakland protest
  • Micro-agriculture
  • Today’s political climate
  • Social media uproar in El Dorado Hills (link at the bottom)
  • Page vs Stage
  • Top 5 rappers

Social Media:


Iambic poetry podcast


Dear Rob


Black entrepreneurs toured an upscale California neighborhood:

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Brandon Leake: Called to Move Part 2

CharRon sits and talks with Called to Move’s Brandon Leake. This is Part two of a two part episode.


Topics Discussed:

  • His Spoken Word Albums:
    • In My Thoughts
    • Deficiencies: Tales from my Dark side
  • Page vs Stage
  • The Darkside Tour
  • Circuit Poet
  • Touring Africa – Almost
  • America’s got Talent
  • Sacramento Poetry Center Performance

Social Media:

IG: Brandonleake_ctm


Iambic Poetry Podcast