RES On The Go

Here resides the Podcast of CharRon’s worldly travels!

It’s a shame that people live and die without investigating the world on their own.


I have been fortunate to have seen or lived in many different cities in the United States and other countries.  I have been a world traveler since I was born. My parent took me on my first cross country trip to meet my extended famly when I was two years old.

So at 39, I still travel, at least, once a year to a new state.  My friends and family extends too far to just remain at home and converse with them on social media and Skype.  I am an interactive person and meeting with people in their hometown is a plus to me.  I enjoyed the places I have embarked so far and I have places to see on my Bucket list.

So I created a podcast on my travels, tips, thoughts and verse storming:

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