Sharon Mahany: Insight to truth

CharRon chats with Placer County Poet and Healer Sharon Mahany.  We talk about her works in poetry and as a life coach / healer.  We champion poems that can be found online(search for: “Sharon Mahany poet”) and living in the middle of two poetry communities: Sacramento and Nevada County.  Plus, we ask about being a Page and Stage Poet.



CharRon – Iambiczine

Eagar Allen Poe – 6 movies

Reel Poets review 6 movies that made from famous Poet, Eagar Allen Poe. His Poems and Tales: 

  • The Tell-Tale Heart
  • The Pit and the Pendulum
  • The Fall of the House of Usher
  • The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
  • The Masque of the Red Death
  • The Raven

We checked out 2013 Extraordinary Tales and Simpsons’ Treehouse of horrors

Snap Judgement

  • The Tell-Tale Heart:  7.5 of 9 Snaps
  • The Pit and the Pendulum: 7.5 of 9 Snaps
  • The Fall of the House of Usher: 8 of 9 Snaps
  • The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar: 8.5 of 9 Snaps
  • The Masque of the Red Death: 7.5 of 9 Snaps
  • The Raven: 9 of 9 Snaps


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Auntie Vice – AuntieVice

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Renaissance Man

The Reel Poets review 1994 Touchstone picture film, Renaissance Man. The film stars Danny DeVito, Kadeem Hardison, Stacy Dash, Gregory Hines, and Mark Wahlberg.  We discuss the story premise and the characters’ development in the film. 

On Location: Library of Musiclandria


Snap Judgement

3.5 out of 9 Snaps


Marvin – Stravinmarvin09

Auntie Vice – Auntievice

CharRon – Iambiczine

Window Horses

Hello, Reel poets. Today, we will review 2016 Independent animation film, Window Horses. That is executive produced and main character voice by Sandra Oh.  We discuss how poetry is taught different in cultures and some western ignorance about the middle east and China.  

Snap Judgement

9 out of 9 Snaps


Marvin – Starvinmarvin09

Auntie Vice – Auntie Vice

CharRon – Iambiczine

Jose Garcia Martin Aka Veritas Poetics: Rap Names Part 1

CharRon chats with Lathrop based Jose Garcia Martin AKA Varitas Poetic. 209 is the building!

Topics discuss:

  • Poetic Origin
  • Christian rappers
  • Christian republicans
  • Brandon Leake
  • Midwest life
  • Black Latino?
  • Black ownership
  • Blacks in tech
  • Spoken word in the Bay Area
  • Rap names

Social Media & Websites

Veritas Poetic:

Youtube and Instagram: Veritas Poetic

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Kellz Barksdale aka Jokenword: Art of Poetry and Comedy

CharRon zoom chat with Sacramento new comedian, Kellz Barksdale from New Jersey, who is also a spoken word artist that merge both poetry and comedy together.  He created his moniker, Jokenword. We discuss his origin story. His poetry style. Why he does comedy and poetry together? He discusses his journey from the east coast to the west coast, then from Southern to Northern California. His zoom show, Joke and word. His connection with Coon the Poet,  T.K. Kirkland,  and Wanda Syke. He talks about his book, The Art in Jokenword. Plus, a poem performance, Monopoly.

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Social media: Jokenword

Voyage LA interview:

Random Thoughts Podcast Episode #162

Book: Art of Jokenword by Kellz Barksdale:

Iambic poetry podcast

Excerpts: (found on Youtube):

  • Poem: Entanglement
  • Comedy Set at Sacramento Punchline

Bob Stanley: Life in Random Lanes

CharRon got the honor to talk to former Sacramento Poet Laureate, Sac Poetry Center President, Poet, Musician, Book Publisher and English Professor; Bob Stanley.  We discuss about being Poet laureate, Being President of a Poetry organization, being a publisher and owner of Random Lanes Press, Being a Published Writer, His music and his Love for poetry.


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