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12 days until my Birthday

This has been a reminder that even in a pandemic, war, or Apocalyptic moments; I have a birthday.  So, it should be celebrated. It should be broadcasted and treated with the same appreciation as money.

I have grown numb to fact that my birthday is just another day. It seems time and societal norms have made me feel that my birthday is a tolerance. The idea of the spotlight being pointed at me.  I survived this far but do I enjoyed the ride?

My birthday is not only about me, it is about my tribe who support me. It about the doctors who helped me enter this world. My mother, father, brother, stepfathers,  stepmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandfathers and grandmothers who are my family.  My friends that have supported me. My enemies who have challenged me. My previous jobs that taught me the work ethic.  My business that taught me my worth.

My birthday is a celebration to remind me that I didn’t do this alone.  They helped CharRon be CharRon.

So Thank you and cheers to them. Happy birthday to me.

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25 days to be 39

As I awaken from my slumber, what is my first thought that come to mind? Damn, it’s almost here. I am month away from my birthday. The feeling of new year is exciting. So I always remind myself to reflect this year and prepare for a new one.


I am very thankful for many endeavors over the years and the people that I have shared them with. I have regrets on certain events but I push forward to better myself in today’s way ward society. I enjoy poetry and Deejaying but I know I can do more. Some people never think of leaving a piece of their legacy. It doesn’t have be glamorous. It just has to be precious to you and others.


Do ever think that this could be your final year? I have started to become more aware of my mortality. I don’t want to die but I have no control to the decision. So do you feel satisfied? Is your work done? Or do you fear nothing is finished or ready? I have read and listen to many philosophers discuss the end game. We all know it is coming yet we still view it as a distance future. Well, this is not true. So what are you not doing that should be done?

Big 40

So I turn the big 4-0 in December. It never occurred to me that I would make it this far in life. I still have fears and I still have dreams. I hear too many people screaming I am too old. Why? Maybe, you should work on acting younger. We assume that the external needs are important. But we also have personal needs to be met.
I have children and I need to project a better image of a father. So my milestones are unique steps I built but my journey doesn’t stop at 40.