Garrison King Halsey III – 2 Books to be Inspired

CharRon sat down with Garrison King-Halsey III to discuss both of his books: A Father’s Curse and Unsaid. We discussed his first book in depth, his poetic Journey, Toxic Masculinity, understanding relationships, becoming a book author and his friend’s Clothing line, Inspire – 


A Father’s Curse –

Unsaid – Out August 30, 2021


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Black Widow the Poet – Kaleidoscope

CharRon sits down with Tennessee’s own Gina Carrillo AKA Black Widow.  This Painter, cancer survivor, Book author, spoken word artist and actual widow talks about her latest book, Kaleidoscope: Broken pieces put back together beautifully. We discuss her paintings, living in Tennessee, having family in Flint, Michigan; and Being a spoken word Artist.  

Check out her book: Kaleidoscope: Broken pieces put back together beautifully



Black Widow –  Blackwidowpoet

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Renaria B – Scar City

Once again! CharRon is back on his interviewer’s chair to chat with Renaria B from Toronto, Ontario Canada.  We discuss her Poetry book, Scar City.  We talk about how this is a personal memoir than a poetry book of her teens and 20s. She talks about mental health, Sexual Assault and Poetry.  She has written for anthology and even made some recordings.  Please check out Scar City on Amazon:


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Izzy Lala: 2 Books in 1 Year

CharRon chats with returning guest, Izzy Lala. Izzy discuss her new works, The Art Inside: Poetry in Quarantine and Seeing Feelings: Pictures of a girl’s inner world  

Topic Discussed:

  1. Her previous Book, Her Heart Song, and the comparison with the latest books. 
  2. How she is handling Co-vid and Quarantine?
  3. Her Artwork
  4. Her love for music
  5. A T- Shirt ideas

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