CharRon Smith, The Comic

So in the year 2020, I took a few risk to enrich my mindset during the pandemic. I put more focus on my podcast that led to a new section called Reel Poetry, I accepted the Vice Presidency position at Sacramento Poetry Center, and I took a comedy course at the Comedy Spot online.

So, I took two course at the Comedy Spot online: Stand-Up comedy 101 and Comedic Storytelling. My teachers, Melissa Melgullicutty and Lisa Cantrell, were fabulous educators. Melissa is a seasoned comedian from Sacramento and Lisa is a Storyteller and founder of Capitol Storytelling(an organization that teaches people how to craft a story for the masses.). For 2 months, I learned how to craft a joke, rules to create jokes, perform to an audience, deal with hecklers, write a story, edit jokes and stories.

Being that I have worked with comics and been a Spoken word artist for several years, I understood the stage performance aspect but I did not know how to create jokes. So, Comedy 101 helped me find humor in my stories and my everyday life. But, we were not able to perform on stage in front of people due to the pandemic so the student just did a 5 minute set in their classes zoom room and ended with that accomplishment.

This year, as the restrictions started to be lowered, The Comedy Spot felt 2020 students should get an opportunity to get on stage and perform a 5 minute set to an audience. So, they sent a invitational email to all 2020 student and asked if they would like to perform. Ten students were brave enough to say yes and I was one of them.

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Day 9: A Zine Fiend (Magic 9)

My obsession is known for my quest on zines

Libraries achieve these authors’ works for fans:

Poetry, letters, comics, and clips from magazines.

Zinesters put these items together and distribute publicly.

My search continues for all ideas to be seen.

Libraries to stores to festivals and distros

Self-publishing is here and I’m uncovering a scene.

Clearly, given the world something that has a demand.

If you want to make your own world, then create some zines.


This poetic form is known as the “Magic 9”: a 9 line poem with a rhyme scheme that is “ABACADABA.” Think abracadabra without “2 R’s”

Click here for more info on the “Magic 9″poetic form

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