Mouse wants elephant (Day 22)

On a hot summer day, A starving mouse searched for food in the Sahara desert. Over a hill, mouse saw a lone elephant in a waterhole, relaxing. Mouse’s mouth watered at the massive size of the elephant. But, mouse knew the elephant was too big for him to take down. So, the mouse devised a plan.

Mouse ran down to the valley towards a pack of female lions relaxed under a tree. Mouse started to throw pebbles at three lions to get their attention. The lion turned and growled at the mouse. But, Mouse continued to throw pebbles at them. The angry lions roared and rushed towards mouse. Mouse initiated a chase up the hill. At the top, Mouse scurried into a hole for safety. Three lions reach the top of the hill and see the elephant.

They split and surround the elephant. The elephant is trap. They attack from different sides. One lion jumps on the elephant’s back. The other two lions claw and bite at the elephant’s legs. A hour long stuggle until the elephant is succumb to its wounds and falls dead in the waterhole.

The lions dragged the elephant’s body out the waterhole and ripped off pieces of flesh until they were full. They left the elephant carcass near the waterhole and return to the valley. Mouse leaped out of its hole and ran to the dead elephant. Mouse goes inside the carcass and rips a piece of flesh. The mouse inserted the flesh in his mouth, shallows and smile. Who said a mouse can’t eat an elephant.

Sushi (Day 8)

Let’s have sushi

She shouts with excitement

My mind ponders the notion

Okay, let’s do it

Curiously, she asked;

What do you like?

I am not sure

I don’t eat a lot of it.

Well, let’s try some

Okay. Poof!

dishes appear

Dragon, & Tiger

Each roll decked with

vegetables, rice, meat, peppers, & fruit

rolled up with a seaweed wrap

Eat one, pass; eat one, pass.

design with color and flavor

An artisan masterpieces

We raise our chopsticks


Our Selections; strategic

Power plays; epic

Chess pieces for dinner

A pacific rim commotion

Rook takes queen

send them passed the lips

Storm my mouth castle

Godzilla of flavors rain down on my tastes buds people

Destroy my palette dynasty

Fight my tongue shogun

Drum of tears and sweats

Pour from my pores

My face: a kabuki mask

The demon, shogun, clown, crying baby.

My anime eye envision Geisha

With Wasabi swords slice my senses swiftly

Touch, taste, sight, sound, smell

Separate sequentially.


We set our chopsticks down

She look at me and smile

Says something in Japanese

Grabs my hand and we sprint into the night.

silhouetted shadows surface swiftly

We wisp between stopped cars.

Damn you, gaijin

Gaijin? Shit.

I’m a ninja.

Into the alley, ascending steps.

We stand on Mount Fuji


Her presence opens the door

And a fog of Smoke greets us

She giggles and disappears into the fog

I follow.

Dazed and confused

judo thrown onto a bed.

I lay down bewildered

Until the smoke clear

She appears


in front of the bed

With Wasabi and sake

She said,


Day 27: Popsicle pleasure

I held the popsicle’s wooden base as fruit juice sprinted & laced my hand

I enter it into my mouth to catch the first flavor wave as it crash onto my beached tongue. An iceburg washed ashore, it melts inside my arid summer mouth and brings my temperature down 10 degrees.

Leaking sugar sweet water on thirsty taste buds as an offering for their worship. Each drop sending them into a euphoric trance The multi-flavors bewildered my brain’s identity recognition.

To the point,
My mind visualizes a grapple, a strawnana, and an orange pineapple.
Muscles of my tongue become coils of boa constrictor wrapped around popsicle.
Squeezing and breaking it down until the last drop. Sucking the juices down my throat like a vacuum from Hoover.

Damn! It taste so good.

My joy concludes as the stick is scrape clean by my teeth and out the mouth.


Day 23: Tako (elevenie)

Korean Barbeque
Sacramento food spot
Kimchi quesadillas & bulgogi burritos

Tako is a Sacramento Korean BBQ Food Spot. It has a Korean – Mexican infusion with burritos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, or Echiladas.  You should try the Kimchi eyerolls. Delicious.  

Day 2 – Tuna Roma

Tuna Roma
Will put you in a coma
Sitting there
Like folks from Oklahoma

So get a large bowl
Dump in these ingredients
2 cans of Tuna, spaghetti sauce, and cooked pasta
Stir with a big spoon
And do the Chacha
Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese
It will make you weak in the knees.

Cover with waxed paper
Nuke for 4 minutes
Uncover the top
And throw the rest of the cheese in it.
Let it sit covered
As the cheese melt
Uh, Hope you like the Beatles
You’re about to scream help.

Something for the kids and lone performers. I like to introduce you to Tuna Roma

click here is the recipe: