Letter K: Patriarch of Game


CharRon had a zoom chat with his former band mate and good friend Eric “Letter K” Luis.  Letter K has a multitude of endeavors during his two decade career. From his janitorial start, he has achieved being in management in Grocery and Tech Industry.  But his career also consists of being a published Author, Lead Vocalist (Intercourse & Alphabet Asylum), Videographer, Actor, Record Label founder, Pinball machine Restorer, Show Producer, Show Writer, Mixologist, and front runner.


Check out some of his catalog:



Alphabet Asylum – The Balance album 

Letter K solo songs – https://soundcloud.com/eric-letter-k-luis/tracks



Video Cookbook – https://youtu.be/glCZrnd6UR0

K’s House – https://www.youtube.com/user/KoftheAsylum

209Vibe – https://youtu.be/Q39bm8mFmJE


Published Stories:

Strommers Rock – Down in the dirt http://scars.tv/dirt/dirt.htm





Excerpt: Song or Show Clips:

  • Alphabet Asylum – I write Rhyme
  • Alphabet Asylum – Just a Suggestion
  • Alphabet Asylum – Another MC (Remix)
  • K’s House Promo
  • 209Vibe
  • Video Cookbook Christmas Special

Russell Cummings: The Blueprint


CharRon zoom chats with the multi-Talented entertainer, Russell Cummings. This Grambling Alum has a lot of achievemets to discuss.

Topics Discussed:

  • Poet’s Origin
  • Grambling (University Life)
  • Culture Shock
  • Dancer side
    • Chuck E Cheese Mascot
    • Sacramento Kings
    • Showcases
  • Poetry side
    • Mahogany Poetry Host
    • Guerrilla Poetry
  • Comedy Side
    • Elephant in the Block
    • Ventura
    • Impersonations
  • Group Host
    • Real men Talk
    • Black Cupid
  • Who is Maximillan De Beni Manifestation
  • ZFG
  • Page vs Stage
  • Top 5 Rappers
  • upcoming events

Social Media:

IG: Russellcummings8


Iambic Poetry Podcast:



Poem Excerpt:

New Slaves

Little Ants

Sacramento Kings

All poems are on Youtube