Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Iambic poetry podcast have featured several guests on the podcast and Reel Poetry has reviewed several poetry movies. So, since it is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, here is a listing of podcast episodes you to listen to.

Here is a list of episodes to check out or review in honor this month:

Poet Episodes:

Reel Poetry Episode:

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Natachi Mez – Immaculate

CharRon zoom chatted with Sacramento Poetry Quarterly First Slam Winner: Natachi Mez. Natachi discussed her journey with computers, poetry, music and being a woman. 


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Poems excerpt: (found on Youtube)

Natachi Mez – Immaculate

Natachi and Naina Durga – All the god I need

Dead Poets Society

Iambic Poetry Podcast Presents Reel Poetry

This episode, we have a returning Podcast guest, Len Germinera (Episode 3) join us. As Reel Poets review the Academy award winning film: Dead Poets Society starring Robin William and a slew of actors that were excellent. But this is a go-to movie for English Teachers to give a taste of Poetry and Plays. But, does it hold up?


Snap Judgement:

7.5 out of 12 


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The 40-Year-Old Version

Iambic Podcast Presents Reel Poetry

The Reel Poets and Returning Podcast Guest Stockton recording artist / radio host, RawNe reviews the 2020 Independent film: The 40 Year Old Version. Released on Netflix. Semi-autobiography film about a struggling Playwright who thinks the only way to salvage her voice as an artist is to become a rapper. 


Snap Judgement

11.5 out 12 Snaps


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Brother, Where art thou?

Reel Poetry reviews 2000 Award winning film, Brother, Where Art Thou.  Along for the ride is “Gag on This Podcast” host Big Nick Johnson.  The movie is a reimagination of the Greek epic poem The Odyssey by Homer. We delve deep into the parallels between the movie and poem.


Snap Judgement  

8.5 out of 12 snaps

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Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry (Feat. Diana Medina)

Reel Poetry reviews 2016 foreign independent film, Neruda.  Along for the review ride is Off the clocker poet, Diana Medina.  The movie is a biopic on Chile Senator/Poet Pablo Neruda and his exile journey out of Chile to France.  The director’s love of Alfred Hitchcock films is shown through out the movie.  We discussed the movie use of English subtitles on the Spanish speaking film. Diana did research on certain colloquial phases.  We also learned a new word:  #Fuchiface


Snap Judgement  

7 out of 12 snaps

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We are animals

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel poetry:

We are animals – 2018 independent film that was feature at Sundance film festival.  Auntie Vice, Marvin, and CharRon comment on the film conveying the “feel of poetry”. They even were shock to find out that it appeared at 2018 Sundance Film festival with the kindergarten Teacher.  The visual poetry was striking and the movie gave you a look in the child’s point of view

Snap Judgement:

9 out 9 snaps

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The Golden Buzzer

Brandon Leake has been writing poetry since high school. Since then, he has been writing, teaching, and performing poetry professionally for 15 years. He has won several Slam poetry Tournaments, writing chapbooks and anthologies, creating 2 albums, and running a non-profit organization called Called to Move.

June 30, 2020 – Brandon Leake was the first Spoken Word artist to perform on America’s got talent. With a heart moving poetry performance, Howie Mandel hit the Golden Buzzer.

To learn more about Brandon Leake, Check out his podcast interview on Iambic poetry podcast. Hit the link above.