Casey At Bat, Paul Bunyan, Shooting of Dan Mcgrew

Reel poets with another SHORT POETRY MOVIES REVIEW: Casey At Bat, Paul Bunyan, and Shooting of Dan Mcgrew.  One trigger is 2 of these movies are Disney’s So check out the responses from our poets.  Plus, another R. Service poem. Be intrigued by our Snap Judgement


Snap Judgement 

Casey At Bat – 3.25 out of 9 snaps

Paul Bunyan – 5 out of 9 snaps

Shooting of Dan Mcgrew – 4.50 out of 9 snaps

Pull My Daisy, The Hangman, & Cremation of Sam Mcgee

Reel Poets review three short movies of poems by Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginburg, Maurice Ogden, and Robert W. Service.  These poets wrote poems that were transformed to shorts to enjoy(All these movies are on Youtube).  


Snap Judgement

Pull My Daisy – 2.5 out of 9 Snaps

The Hangman – 5.75 out of 9 Snaps

Cremation of Sam Mcgee – 5.5 out 9 Snaps



Marvin – Starvinmarvin09

Auntie Vice – AuntieVice

CharRon – Iambiczine