Andromeda’s kiss (Day 26)

Tilt my head up
the starry sky cuff my chin
The full moon lunars
Oceanic breezes sail across my face
Taste the tsunami
As we draw closer,
planets begin to align
our lips touch
Sparkling comets flare
Supernova explode in nebulas nearby
Big bang theory is remarkable
Then I open my eye
Watch your constellations in the sky


Happy Star Wars Day, everybody! May the fourth be with you. You think with that gesture it would signal someone not to present a Vulcan salute. But, this is Star wars day: there will be a lot of Carrie Fisher tributes, Star Wars attire are worn in interesting places (I definitely have my eye on a Darth Vader Tie), plus Stars themed memes, joke, art, and videos. This is the day when my daughter goes to school in her Darth Vader costume and her parents are dressed up as her Storm Troopers. We, definitely, left an impression on her teacher when she enter the classroom. So, how do you celebrate?

Here are some Stars Wars Tweet Poem below:

Day 28: Skeltonic Poems

An American Tail 

American tail 
Fable’s boat set sail
Cow mouse out on bail
Crazy tall tale
That you can sale
Like a hay bale
So. Go ahead, tell.
Make a sell
Ring a bell
To your man, Dale

Scary thought 

Here a scare:
Solar flare
Ready to tear
Not prepare?
Best beware!
We outta here!
Going where?

Ferryman trouble

Losing control
With all these souls
their hearts, I stole
so they pay a toll
These legend told
From breath that’s cold