Day 15 – I am up to something


I enter poetry

to have some therapy

Rap was hard to perform

and my DJ stuff wasn’t close to me

So it was back to basic

I found open mics

where I recited my lyrics

didn’t get many likes

So, I started training

Poetry became my study

Rap became a hobby

I was up to something

I wrote poems long

I wrote poems short

I found different arenas

this became my sport

I started to do features

I even host a show

The rapper merge with the poet

My coach says I am on a roll

I formed an alliance with others

They saw I had a thing

I am starting a movement

I am up to something

I created a zine

for my poetry

but an idea come up

so I change it up

to express the community

I presented it to the world

and it became an epidemic

to honor my poetic journey

I called my zine, Iambic.

I created all of this

you may think this nothing

but this is just the middle

I am still up to something

Day 9: A Zine Fiend (Magic 9)

My obsession is known for my quest on zines

Libraries achieve these authors’ works for fans:

Poetry, letters, comics, and clips from magazines.

Zinesters put these items together and distribute publicly.

My search continues for all ideas to be seen.

Libraries to stores to festivals and distros

Self-publishing is here and I’m uncovering a scene.

Clearly, given the world something that has a demand.

If you want to make your own world, then create some zines.


This poetic form is known as the “Magic 9”: a 9 line poem with a rhyme scheme that is “ABACADABA.” Think abracadabra without “2 R’s”

Click here for more info on the “Magic 9″poetic form

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