A Good Deed or Panda Express 

No good deed goes unpunished

After a long day at work, I hopped on the light rail heading to 16th St station. It was running behind schedule, so the light rail was packed with people trying to escape downtown. I had to squeeze out the door when I arrived at the station.

I headed to Safeway to grab a sandwich but, was stop by a homeless gentleman. He asked if I could buy him a meal at Panda express. I wasn’t interested in getting food there, so I told him I could get him food from Safeway. He agreed.

So I proceeded to Safeway and went to the deli section. I got my sandwich and I got chicken tenders with potatoes wedges for him. When I got back to the corner, he wasn’t there. He was eating a entree plate inside Panda Express.

My ego was a little bit hurt but, then it dawned on me, could he not trust me to return? I mean, the world is filled with liars so, I should not be surprised.
But, on the other hand, What if he really wanted Panda Express and he was going to wait until he got it? Then I can’t feel so bad. Mission accomplished, sir. Mission accomplished. I took my food over to Starbucks Coffee, got a tall mocha, and ate.

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