Ode to my life (Day 7)

I was born a son that became a brother. A soldier who became a College graduate; twice a boyfriend/lover that turn into a father; twice. But missed the role of husband; shame. a high school basketball player(center); 1 season Tae Kwon Do student(Blue Belt); fought a Korean boxer and got silver. wrestling champion (bronze); never got the medal they owed me. 5k color runner(twice); never … Continue reading Ode to my life (Day 7)

Day 25: My Picture Folder

My computer can lose everything except: My Picture folder Nestled on my desktop screen, My Pictures folder is my little large gallery. A gallery of a scattered past: My father’s last photo My first child’s confused look at a camera My second child’s confused look at me My brothers’ nights out My self-portraits My self-portraits You don’t realize how much change until gleams at your former self. … Continue reading Day 25: My Picture Folder

Day 16 – Letter to the father (sonnet)

Dear Dad, Your life on this earth is missed My mind is left to reminisce Your life resembles a play And it’s shown by Grandma’s dismay Her words strike my confidence That I lost my common sense A coward who didn’t interfere? That your grave is buried somewhere Is this how my kids will leave me? The truth will likely scare me I don’t entertain … Continue reading Day 16 – Letter to the father (sonnet)

Day 11: I exist, Why? (Bop)

I was born with the blood of a serpent’s poison Hazmat suits were administer to keep their distance Given two blood transfusion in a capsule home My mom’s birthday present was in Intensive Care alone. First five days of living & this is what I get If God loves his children, then consider him a hypocrite   I wasn’t supposed to be here. Survived as a toddler with a few … Continue reading Day 11: I exist, Why? (Bop)

Day 10 – Two children

Two children Two mothers Two families One link They live two different lives in one time Only seeing the other in one moment They don’t understand why they need to know each other. Two ages Two cities Two houses One choice Her ponytails and brash attitude. A born leader Born a single child. Older than her young cousins She follows a beat to a different … Continue reading Day 10 – Two children

The Holidays (for Loners & Soldiers)

Soldier’s Mentality

I considered myself lucky. The soldier life has taught me about camaraderie and  appreciate my collection of friends and loved ones. Yet, even I have fallen victim to solitude for the holidays. The lonely feeling still remains, even though, the trainings and battles are behind me. So, I still carry a soldier’s mentality for the holidays: 1) Appreciate it with loved ones and family. and/or 2) Create new traditions while being solo. These ideas helped me survive those lonely hard times during the holiday.

Continue reading “The Holidays (for Loners & Soldiers)”