Chicken on the carousel (Day 19)

Sun brighten A chicken spins around on a carousel with unquestionable joy. Round and round it goes. heat radiate over its skin. It spins near vegetable patch and rice field. In a window from a distance, Someone look out. Intrigued. they survey the area. Chicken doesn’t know what to do. Just sits back and enjoys the ride. Ding. Microwave chimes. open the door. pull out … Continue reading Chicken on the carousel (Day 19)

Change in Scenery (day 12)

I moved from Stockton to Sacramento. I have been living in a 4 bedroom house in south Sacramento for 2 1/2 years. I rented a child size room with 2 windows. The house had several problems. It was definitely a project home. It was not welcoming. People could see that I was unhappy with my living situation but, I maintain and kept myself busy doing … Continue reading Change in Scenery (day 12)

Ode to my life (Day 7)

I was born a son that became a brother. A soldier who became a College graduate; twice a boyfriend/lover that turn into a father; twice. But missed the role of husband; shame. a high school basketball player(center); 1 season Tae Kwon Do student(Blue Belt); fought a Korean boxer and got silver. wrestling champion (bronze); never got the medal they owed me. 5k color runner(twice); never … Continue reading Ode to my life (Day 7)

Silence at the railway station (day 5)

SILENO EN LA ESTACIÓN DE FERROCARRIL By Sergio Raimondi Acostado de lado, con un codo incómodo apoyado en el cemento y la cabeza tirada hacia atrás, duerme. Rodillas dobladas, pies contra el culo, al aire la panza enorme, boca abierta al cielo, chata nariz. Esto es obra de dos o tres tetra-brik. Si fuera de mármol estaría expuesto en un museo de Roma, Londres o … Continue reading Silence at the railway station (day 5)