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12 days until my Birthday

This has been a reminder that even in a pandemic, war, or Apocalyptic moments; I have a birthday.  So, it should be celebrated. It should be broadcasted and treated with the same appreciation as money.

I have grown numb to fact that my birthday is just another day. It seems time and societal norms have made me feel that my birthday is a tolerance. The idea of the spotlight being pointed at me.  I survived this far but do I enjoyed the ride?

My birthday is not only about me, it is about my tribe who support me. It about the doctors who helped me enter this world. My mother, father, brother, stepfathers,  stepmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandfathers and grandmothers who are my family.  My friends that have supported me. My enemies who have challenged me. My previous jobs that taught me the work ethic.  My business that taught me my worth.

My birthday is a celebration to remind me that I didn’t do this alone.  They helped CharRon be CharRon.

So Thank you and cheers to them. Happy birthday to me.

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Blaster (Boombox Transformer) (Day 17)

More than meet the eye

A robot in disguise

Rock a party

No bacardi

Kicking out bad guys

Show tunes on sand dunes 

Across the moon

Shockwave’s counterwave

give him some room

See the crowd in shock 

He’s a boom box.  

Cybertron Casey Kasem 

Trashes laserbeak’s swank box

Here’s a thought 

who’s fresh to def.

Recording Megatron quotes

From his bad breath 

An autobot 

who has no wheels 

But play the wheels of steel

Conducting music at will

Feel intensity 

From all frequencies


Turn pin drops

To buckshot




If the music is rocking,

I’m rolling (3x)

His tape squad come correct 

Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Rewind, and Eject

See the threat

Get Soundwave on the phone 

With his tape crew 

Let’s choose a war zone

Optimus Prime knows

His value to the fold

The data that he hold

What else can be exposed

Do y’all know about Jazz

Their blues Brothers

Playing tunes on the streets

Watch him burn rubber

Terra communication 

That rocks the nations

From beach boys to Snoop Dogg

A good vibrations

A fan favorite 

From show’s past

Died with Soundwave 

Reformed as Twincast

Took the role of leadership 

hard to master

Music is my shit

Your man, Blaster


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CharRon Smith: Wait. Who? Feat. Auntie Vice

Feature guest Auntie Vice(Fat Chicks on Top Podcast) returns to Iambic poetry podcast to interview Iambic’s host:CharRon Smith. Plus, A special interview with Vanisha of Kloset Treasure.


Topics discuss:


  • Co-Vid 19 virus situation
  • Poet’s Origin
  • Being a Rapper
  • Being a DJ
  • Poets who inspire
  • Page vs. stage
  • His dislike & likes of Slam poetry
  • Being a comedic poet
  • The Reason He dislike disclaimers
  • National Poetry month
  • Happy Poems
  • Fat chicks on top podcast returns
  • Gag on this podcast
  • Social media
  • Last words


Social media and websites:



Kloset Treasures:

IG: Klosettreasures

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    • Iambiczine
    • aseriousproduction
  • Twitter
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39’s Last words

I turned 40 in December. Hooray, 22 years as an adult.  Since, this is my new decade mark, my 39 year old self left me an audio recording. He encourage me that I need to push forward and take care of some loopholes that he wasn’t able to complete.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Take risks.
  • Artists have problems
  • Enjoy your 40s
  • Travel more.
  • Make Christmas enjoyable
  • Eat better
  • Do not conform
  • Expand on poetry

Take Risk

I have never thought that my age would play a big role to my insecurity. But, I have become aware of repeated financial and economical disasters that have drop me back to square two. Plus, Living with a Loner’s mentality has let me accept solitude than a relationship. I need to take more changes with my life because playing it safe is not giving me satisfaction .

Artists have problems

Many friends and associates  have problems greater than mine. But I am surprise Why? I never assumed what problems are really out there.  My childhood had flaws.  Hell, my unique name still bothers me. But, people faced some harsh decisions.  I have admiration for them.

No Conformity

I tried to conform to what society has foretold my generation for so long. Get good grade, graduate college, get a Job, work fatefully, get married, have a family, get a house, pay your taxes and insurance, and enjoy retirement. None of these action happen smoothly.

But I went down an alternate route:

I went to the military then community college and university(which took 7 years to graduate), I work retail and warehouse jobs to rent, I work fatefully until jobs fired me several times, I have never been married but I have kids from two lovely women, never own a house, and have been punish by taxes and insurance increases.

I have spent most of my life with this concept that does not work for me. Even when I saw different avenues, I was reminded that I should follow the traditional way. If you research several accomplished people, you will find out that they didn’t follow the concept. So why are we still telling people that traditional works?

Live better

Do ever think that this could be your final year? I have started to become more aware of my mortality. I don’t want to die but I have no control to the decision. So do you feel satisfied? Is your work done? Or do you fear nothing is finished or ready? I have read and listen to many philosophers discuss the end game. We all know it is coming yet we still view it as a distance future. Well, this is not true. So what are you not doing that should be done?


My life reflection has good and bad events but some those events were necessary  for the next one to happen.  Living with notion gives me lukewarm feelings but humans are so active to search for the negative that the positive never feels incredible.  I have family and friends that view me as a young adult still growing up or gritty veteran.  In short, my 40s are new shoes for me.  So, I  better get comfortable in them because I will be in them for awhile.