Day 27: Popsicle pleasure

I held the popsicle’s wooden base as fruit juice sprinted & laced my hand

I enter it into my mouth to catch the first flavor wave as it crash onto my beached tongue. An iceburg washed ashore, it melts inside my arid summer mouth and brings my temperature down 10 degrees.

Leaking sugar sweet water on thirsty taste buds as an offering for their worship. Each drop sending them into a euphoric trance The multi-flavors bewildered my brain’s identity recognition.

To the point,
My mind visualizes a grapple, a strawnana, and an orange pineapple.
Muscles of my tongue become coils of boa constrictor wrapped around popsicle.
Squeezing and breaking it down until the last drop. Sucking the juices down my throat like a vacuum from Hoover.

Damn! It taste so good.

My joy concludes as the stick is scrape clean by my teeth and out the mouth.


Day 10 – Two children

Two children
Two mothers
Two families
One link

They live two different lives in one time
Only seeing the other in one moment
They don’t understand
why they need to know each other.

Two ages
Two cities
Two houses
One choice

Her ponytails and brash attitude.
A born leader
Born a single child.
Older than her young cousins
She follows a beat to a different drum

His curly hair is as wild as his spirit.
With Emerald eyes that reveal he is special.
New to this world, his family will be his foundation rock as he builds his life.

Two decisions
Two fates
Too young
One father

They are young and strong.
With an ambition
that’ll never steer them wrong.
Now, our family picture
Reminds me that we are one.

Father’s Day

Happy father’s day to all the fathers who made a difference in a child’s life. I said that because I never saw myself a father until my daughter was born.  I still remember getting off work and racing down to the hospital.  While her mother was in labor, the hospital actually wanted me to fill out forms with her. So, I would ask her questions and she would answer each question with a long pause.  I thought that was the funniest thing.

It weird that having a daughter has made me happy, but also, concerns about her well being. I have never trusted males, even the ones in my family, I have been disappointed by men. Father, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and stepfathers have made me question  my personality with ridicule or physical assault.

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