Blaster (Boombox Transformer) (Day 17)

More than meet the eye

A robot in disguise

Rock a party

No bacardi

Kicking out bad guys

Show tunes on sand dunes 

Across the moon

Shockwave’s counterwave

give him some room

See the crowd in shock 

He’s a boom box.  

Cybertron Casey Kasem 

Trashes laserbeak’s swank box

Here’s a thought 

who’s fresh to def.

Recording Megatron quotes

From his bad breath 

An autobot 

who has no wheels 

But play the wheels of steel

Conducting music at will

Feel intensity 

From all frequencies


Turn pin drops

To buckshot




If the music is rocking,

I’m rolling (3x)

His tape squad come correct 

Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Rewind, and Eject

See the threat

Get Soundwave on the phone 

With his tape crew 

Let’s choose a war zone

Optimus Prime knows

His value to the fold

The data that he hold

What else can be exposed

Do y’all know about Jazz

Their blues Brothers

Playing tunes on the streets

Watch him burn rubber

Terra communication 

That rocks the nations

From beach boys to Snoop Dogg

A good vibrations

A fan favorite 

From show’s past

Died with Soundwave 

Reformed as Twincast

Took the role of leadership 

hard to master

Music is my shit

Your man, Blaster


Attention (Acrostic poem)

  • Direct your attention
  • I‘m about to flow
  • Ready for eargasms? Then here we go.
  • Eccentric lyrics and rhythms are the key.
  • Captivating you mind fame as you can see
  • Titillating your temporal lobe with a verbal lobotomy
  • Yes, kind sir.
  • Open for suggestions?
  • Unity is needed. why, they are opposing?
  • Resistance is approaching. Let’s be blunt.
  • Every blind persons has a want
  • You’re not giving it to them
  • Every color is beautiful
  • Show it to them

Let the words above reveal the message you seek
and follow the instructions as we speak.

Day 15 – I am up to something


I enter poetry

to have some therapy

Rap was hard to perform

and my DJ stuff wasn’t close to me

So it was back to basic

I found open mics

where I recited my lyrics

didn’t get many likes

So, I started training

Poetry became my study

Rap became a hobby

I was up to something

I wrote poems long

I wrote poems short

I found different arenas

this became my sport

I started to do features

I even host a show

The rapper merge with the poet

My coach says I am on a roll

I formed an alliance with others

They saw I had a thing

I am starting a movement

I am up to something

I created a zine

for my poetry

but an idea come up

so I change it up

to express the community

I presented it to the world

and it became an epidemic

to honor my poetic journey

I called my zine, Iambic.

I created all of this

you may think this nothing

but this is just the middle

I am still up to something

Honour thy Rap Fathers?

I just read the PitchFork article between Anderson Paak and Lil Yachty. The fact that Lil Yachty rap knowledge is premature is interesting. But, he did bring up a good point: where in the hip hop handbook does it say you need to list some key rap songs to make music? It doesn’t because there is no such thing as an official hip-hop handbook.

Generation Conundrum

Every generation always seems to understand the blueprint of hip hop but fail to be aware of its background. This situation doesn’t surprise me: Should he know anything about his predecessors (i.e. Notorious BIG or Tupac) that the rest of the older community has grown fond of?

We are so complacent of the past that most hip hop purist announced the death of the culture a decade ago. Lil yachty was born when some of the most influential rappers died. They don’t resonate with this generation and they shouldn’t have to. The rappers or MC they have grown up with are not the same as the 80s and 90s rappers. We should not have to hold every young rappers accountable with hip-hop’s history. Since, Most people are not doing this for the culture and we know this.

Hip-Hop Education on its Evolution

Since we all love the same genre we should subside our differences and educate each other. The music is there, but it has new and different players like sports. Dead End hip-hop did five YouTube episodes with a few of younger guys discussing the differences about hip-hop evolution.][]

We all know the rap game has changed. Some say it’s a young man sport but hip hop purists rather be zombie than bury their music in a 6 foot deep grave.