Attention (Acrostic poem)

  • Direct your attention
  • I‘m about to flow
  • Ready for eargasms? Then here we go.
  • Eccentric lyrics and rhythms are the key.
  • Captivating you mind fame as you can see
  • Titillating your temporal lobe with a verbal lobotomy
  • Yes, kind sir.
  • Open for suggestions?
  • Unity is needed. why, they are opposing?
  • Resistance is approaching. Let’s be blunt.
  • Every blind persons has a want
  • You’re not giving it to them
  • Every color is beautiful
  • Show it to them

Let the words above reveal the message you seek
and follow the instructions as we speak.

One Reply to “Attention (Acrostic poem)”

  1. Love what you’re doing! I will continue to pray for you to make the right contacts so you can excel further, with the spoken word. Charita

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