Attention (Acrostic poem)

  • Direct your attention
  • I‘m about to flow
  • Ready for eargasms? Then here we go.
  • Eccentric lyrics and rhythms are the key.
  • Captivating you mind fame as you can see
  • Titillating your temporal lobe with a verbal lobotomy
  • Yes, kind sir.
  • Open for suggestions?
  • Unity is needed. why, they are opposing?
  • Resistance is approaching. Let’s be blunt.
  • Every blind persons has a want
  • You’re not giving it to them
  • Every color is beautiful
  • Show it to them

Let the words above reveal the message you seek
and follow the instructions as we speak.

Celebrate National Poetry Month? Why?

Someone ask me why I celebrate national poetry month. I gave them the most copied answer: To celebrate poetry and poets. I have been hyperactived at writing poetry from prompts, read about the veteran poets and different poetry forms, and learned more about publishing and speaking. I even participated in more contests and Poetry slams. I started to feel that this was the time to shed some light on the effects of poetry. I started to research the underground scenes. Guerilla poetry was becoming popular in Sacramento by ZFG. So I started to do video of me performing poetry in public areas. I took the idea of poetry and started to live by it. It became a weird addiction to me.

This is my second year diving into poetry this deep. My tweet poems were starting to get more attention, I performed a few guerilla poems at various public places, I spent more time studying new poems and forms in the various Libraries, I took second place in my monthly Sacramento Poetry Slam, and I pursued to write and blog 30 poems in a month for Napowrimo that I will make into a chapbook. I, even, started a poetry information zine called Iambic for the Sacramento Poetry community.

But I finish reading Jim Behrle’s Article and a question appears: Why do I celebrate national Poetry Month? Am I trying to restore my faith in poetry and shed some light on my own or has society’s abandonment disturbed me? I understand that all poetry is not good poetry. But, we discard poetry like racial harmony in the world. Plus, businesses exploit to sell a lot of poetry books and materials to intrigued patrons this month since, poetry sales are not an ongoing money maker.

Jim Behrle’s Article

April 20th

Happy 420 to all you weed smokers out there online.  Today is the counterculture weed celebration. I don’t smoke, but I know too many smokers that enjoy the benefits for many reasons. 420 is a coined term by the Waldos in San Rafael and has nothing to do with a penal code. But, It is funny how many penal code are added to society’s vocabulary. But for a group of weed activists to make April 20 a weed holiday is amazing.  Plus, I know many poets, rappers, speakers, and writers who smoked so I am not surprising this day falls on National Poetry month. Below is my weed twitter poem for 4/20. Light one up and smoke:


Here is also the link to Huffington post article on the Origin of 420:

The true story of Weed Day