Day 19: Hip-hop mythology

Once upon a time corporation and government abandon the slum jungle to the poor. They would barricade their castles and kingdom with their blue guards. Just to leave the poor villagers to fend for themselves.

Misfits and criminals band together and start to salvage discarded items in waste yards and pillage supply and equipment from galleries and warehouses.

Record players become music instruments and unleash melodic and rhythmic sound waves across the littered concrete and condemn buildings.

Hustler, pimps, and activist join together to speak poetic slander to the people unclear to decipher among the police on their soil.

Breakdancers would perform spectacular acrobatic moves and coordinated martial art strikes in military platoons. Unknown to police onlookers, the dancers are warriors and the streets are their dojo. Marvel as they train.

The graffiti that canvas the city building, subways, and light post. The lettering and symbols were decipher like web designer with CSS. This was the street’s CSS: Color Smoke Signals.

The government and corporations assume the uneducated are just dancing fools to the music. But, the edutainment lies within the rhymes, dance, art and stories. The culture will inform the people and the people will understand, secure, enforce.

The revolution is coming
The revolution is coming
The revolution is coming
This is hip-hop.


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