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Day 18 – Ode to Ass lips

How can I forget
To spread my cheeks
And expose my ass lips
Amused by raspberries you can do
And a lit match, you can blow fire, too
Like my mouth, your burps are excused
But it’s weird that you have taste buds?

With diarrhea, my front line defense
known to keep a tight lips or talk shit
You pucker my posterior
But hold the flood gates closed.
Clean inspection after bombing is done
has left you with a shit eating grin
Sorry for all the burning
I forgot to drink water

If lips get chapped, apply the Vaseline
I’ll get a smile from ear-to-ear
that will seems obscene
And for those who dis, I insist
You can kiss my ass until my ass give you a kiss


I am a Poet, DJ, Musician, Rapper, Father, Podcaster, Writer, and Movie Buff.

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