Day 25: My Picture Folder

My computer can lose everything except: My Picture folder Nestled on my desktop screen, My Pictures folder is my little large gallery. A gallery of a scattered past: My father’s last photo My first child’s confused look at a camera My second child’s confused look at me My brothers’ nights out My self-portraits My self-portraits You don’t realize how much change until gleams at your former self. … Continue reading Day 25: My Picture Folder

Day 22: To (Poetically) Prune a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai tree grows in a paper shaped flower pot Covered in letter leaves, The root meaning fasten deep in the soil With vine coiled word branches, It reaches for the sun My number 2 pencil clips the word branches Trim letter leaves Shape phrase patches And thin crown statements Defoliate to uncover the poetry scheme To reveal the poem of a Bonsai Tree (If needed, creation … Continue reading Day 22: To (Poetically) Prune a Bonsai Tree

Day 24: Hunting Season

The bugle horn sounds two shadow of men run from the glaring sunrise Deep into the dark labyrinth forest The hunting party comes The bugle horn sounds Dogs barking with excitement Scent of human sweat has mist the air Prey is near The bugle horn sounds One man is tired and fustrated Discovers a hollow log & crawls inside Other man continues to run Before he realizes, he … Continue reading Day 24: Hunting Season

Poet are Makers. Literally.

History I just finish reading Webster article on the history of the word “poet.” It states the words early origin was Greek (poiete) and it meant “maker”. Then the 15th century, English Speakers put  the word “poet” in a high esteem role in the English language in association with God. It, finally, evolved to word maker to speakers and writers of poetry. ‘Poet’ comes from a Greek word meaning “to make.” … Continue reading Poet are Makers. Literally.

Day 17 – truth’s eclipse  (nocturne poem)

The constellations design Characters in mind That no logic can decide The truth from your eyes For the stars will shine And others will believe lies But they’d crossed the line The truth is in your eyes So the night starts hide All demons far and wide I know from your soul The truth is in your eyes Continue reading Day 17 – truth’s eclipse  (nocturne poem)

Day 16 – Letter to the father (sonnet)

Dear Dad, Your life on this earth is missed My mind is left to reminisce Your life resembles a play And it’s shown by Grandma’s dismay Her words strike my confidence That I lost my common sense A coward who didn’t interfere? That your grave is buried somewhere Is this how my kids will leave me? The truth will likely scare me I don’t entertain … Continue reading Day 16 – Letter to the father (sonnet)