Day 15 – I am up to something


I enter poetry

to have some therapy

Rap was hard to perform

and my DJ stuff wasn’t close to me

So it was back to basic

I found open mics

where I recited my lyrics

didn’t get many likes

So, I started training

Poetry became my study

Rap became a hobby

I was up to something

I wrote poems long

I wrote poems short

I found different arenas

this became my sport

I started to do features

I even host a show

The rapper merge with the poet

My coach says I am on a roll

I formed an alliance with others

They saw I had a thing

I am starting a movement

I am up to something

I created a zine

for my poetry

but an idea come up

so I change it up

to express the community

I presented it to the world

and it became an epidemic

to honor my poetic journey

I called my zine, Iambic.

I created all of this

you may think this nothing

but this is just the middle

I am still up to something

Day 14 – Clerihew

Gordon Shumway

Want to cook a cat someday

His flight to his planet went south

Crashed on Earth and, now, he’s known as ALF

George Foreman

Is a boxing champion

But he retired and change fields

Now, He is the king of indoor grills

Bruce Lee

Made martial arts, style free

Racism in movies was large

But he change it and became a superstar.

Day 13 – My Blue day Ghazal 

I woke up while the sun was asleep. Commuting to work as I await for the sky to turn blue.

Walking down the street and got stop by an oxymoron. He asked me if I had any blues.

Browsing through my dad’s records. I listen to the musicians play the blues

Riffing with comics and one was shock. My material is quite blue.

I got Rap music playing in my headphones. I’m vibing on songs with MED and Blu

I worked on the character of my logo. He is not a smurf but he is blue.

Gangbanger live in my neighborhood. Crips all around. Just Blacks in blue.

They hoping to find a sucker slipping. So, they can beat him down black and blue.

My father & brother are Marines and my cousin is a coast guard. My family wears navy blue

My girlfriend, on the phone, is depressed. She hopes I stop by today because she feeling blue.

But I just got a call on winning a new car. It was out of the blue.

It funny how middle Americans are racist and sadistic but they believe they’re true blue.

I wear smile on my face but a middle finger to cops. Never trust the boys in blue.

I had a slam in Paris and finished with high numbers. The host screams sacre bleu.

Day 12 – Scary movies (alliteration & assonance)

Is it a coincidence to coexist in this climate?
Consequently, the cliffhanger is climactic.
A suffering sadist is cinematic.
I’ve seen scenes should be unseen.

So why so soon?
Is it the doom that consumes the room?
Certainly, a sick cerebellum sort
What it distort, contort, support all this sightly content.
I feel content away from the contact.
But to see the contexts
Set me in an unsettling state of uncertainty?

Day 11: I exist, Why? (Bop)

I was born with the blood of a serpent’s poison

Hazmat suits were administer to keep their distance

Given two blood transfusion in a capsule home

My mom’s birthday present was in Intensive Care alone.

First five days of living & this is what I get

If God loves his children, then consider him a hypocrite


I wasn’t supposed to be here.

Survived as a toddler with a few tumbles

Left by my father so here comes the struggle

Society little problem graduates every year

See my degrees, a professional is here.

The Military had my life on stilts

And civilian life is still difficult


I wasn’t suppose to be here

So I have 2 children from 2 different women  

My life at 40 is in a weird transition 

I attempt new things so I will never be bored

I accept the risk so I’ll never go poor

So to win at life, let’s be clear

I do everything now to tell the world why:

I am suppose to be here.

Day 10 – Two children

Two children
Two mothers
Two families
One link

They live two different lives in one time
Only seeing the other in one moment
They don’t understand
why they need to know each other.

Two ages
Two cities
Two houses
One choice

Her ponytails and brash attitude.
A born leader
Born a single child.
Older than her young cousins
She follows a beat to a different drum

His curly hair is as wild as his spirit.
With Emerald eyes that reveal he is special.
New to this world, his family will be his foundation rock as he builds his life.

Two decisions
Two fates
Too young
One father

They are young and strong.
With an ambition
that’ll never steer them wrong.
Now, our family picture
Reminds me that we are one.

Day 9: A Zine Fiend (Magic 9)

My obsession is known for my quest on zines

Libraries achieve these authors’ works for fans:

Poetry, letters, comics, and clips from magazines.

Zinesters put these items together and distribute publicly.

My search continues for all ideas to be seen.

Libraries to stores to festivals and distros

Self-publishing is here and I’m uncovering a scene.

Clearly, given the world something that has a demand.

If you want to make your own world, then create some zines.


This poetic form is known as the “Magic 9”: a 9 line poem with a rhyme scheme that is “ABACADABA.” Think abracadabra without “2 R’s”

Click here for more info on the “Magic 9″poetic form

click here on zines


Day 6: 13 views of Sacramento (in Senryu)


Pain in the city
Minds are numb by so much pain
But, we want some more

In charge of the state
But this city is a mess
The mayor will fix it

do you have some change?
They act like they don’t see me
Still they go around

State Worker:
have to get to work
Only here for ten hours
Hmm, happy hour

love WiFi WiFi.
We can be out & online
This town has it all

Out of towner:
why was I sent here?
Meetings, hotel, food, drinks, bored
Nothing to do here

Uber Driver:
so where are they at
These one way streets confuse me
Why you over there?

Bus Driver:
these loud passengers
Woah, these cars better watch out
Through the city again


Just got elected
The problems in this city
What do we do first

Move on, homeless guy
Raise prices to deal with fees
What event will pay

hope these cars sees me
Never deal with this traffic
Making good timing

This is my New York
Hear the city’s sweet rhythm
Just play my music

Open the window
The pictures are all right there
What action is art?

The views of Sacramento are so obscure. So I put the views in Senryu(haiku with emotions). The city life is fast pace but I understand the point of the rush.

Day 4 – Banana meets Strawberry (Enigma)


One day, a banana met a strawberry in a fruit bowl. They talked about their interests and goals. They went off to the counter and the banana started to peel. The strawberry was impressed of the big tall banana. So, they both took a dip in the yogurt bowl and swam around. “Oh, banana,” said strawberry, “you are so great. I want to blend with you.”
“I want to blend with you.” said an excited banana. The banana caress strawberry’s seeded exterior which started a spiral in the yogurt bowl. They began to swirl and swirl.
“Oh, Strawberry!”
“Oh, Banana!”
The swirling was intense. They blended so hard they started to merge. Then, banana felt something. Then, strawberry felt something.
“Oh my god! Oh my god! Don’t stop!”

The feeling was getting stronger and stronger. “I can’t believe it!” Screamed strawberry, “This is incredible!”
The feeling was reaching its apex.

Their emotions heighten. Their senses peaking.

Lost themselves in the feeling, banana and strawberry started to speak:
I’m gonna!   I’m gonna!