Day 6: 13 views of Sacramento (in Senryu)


Pain in the city
Minds are numb by so much pain
But, we want some more

In charge of the state
But this city is a mess
The mayor will fix it

do you have some change?
They act like they don’t see me
Still they go around

State Worker:
have to get to work
Only here for ten hours
Hmm, happy hour

love WiFi WiFi.
We can be out & online
This town has it all

Out of towner:
why was I sent here?
Meetings, hotel, food, drinks, bored
Nothing to do here

Uber Driver:
so where are they at
These one way streets confuse me
Why you over there?

Bus Driver:
these loud passengers
Woah, these cars better watch out
Through the city again


Just got elected
The problems in this city
What do we do first

Move on, homeless guy
Raise prices to deal with fees
What event will pay

hope these cars sees me
Never deal with this traffic
Making good timing

This is my New York
Hear the city’s sweet rhythm
Just play my music

Open the window
The pictures are all right there
What action is art?

The views of Sacramento are so obscure. So I put the views in Senryu(haiku with emotions). The city life is fast pace but I understand the point of the rush.

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