Silence at the railway station (day 5)

SILENO EN LA ESTACIÓN DE FERROCARRIL By Sergio Raimondi Acostado de lado, con un codo incómodo apoyado en el cemento y la cabeza tirada hacia atrás, duerme. Rodillas dobladas, pies contra el culo, al aire la panza enorme, boca abierta al cielo, chata nariz. Esto es obra de dos o tres tetra-brik. Si fuera de mármol estaría expuesto en un museo de Roma, Londres o … Continue reading Silence at the railway station (day 5)

My Sherman Hemsley story

When I found out that Sherman Hemsley has died last week, it made me pause and reminisce about him. His acting career has spanned most of my life. Even with 3 successive shows and cameos, his acting career was paramount and his celebrity status has kept him relevant in the entertainment industry.  His short stature has given people, like comedian Kevin Hart or Martin Lawrence, a positive role model to be inspire by … Continue reading My Sherman Hemsley story

Attention (Acrostic poem)

Direct your attention I‘m about to flow Ready for eargasms? Then here we go. Eccentric lyrics and rhythms are the key. Captivating you mind fame as you can see Titillating your temporal lobe with a verbal lobotomy Yes, kind sir. Open for suggestions? Unity is needed. why, they are opposing? Resistance is approaching. Let’s be blunt. Every blind persons has a want You’re not giving … Continue reading Attention (Acrostic poem)

Day 6: 13 views of Sacramento (in Senryu)

Poet: Pain in the city Minds are numb by so much pain But, we want some more Governor: In charge of the state But this city is a mess The mayor will fix it Homeless: do you have some change? They act like they don’t see me Still they go around State Worker: have to get to work Only here for ten hours Hmm, happy … Continue reading Day 6: 13 views of Sacramento (in Senryu)

Capital Idea

Hybrid Capitalistic If US Capitalism resembles a car, it would resemble a Toyota Prius.  Prius base model uses gasoline to fuel the vehicle but it has a battery  The definition for Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. The United State does not fully conduct in a true capitalist country, … Continue reading Capital Idea