Contracts are lifesavers

I accepted a DJ gig with a local rapper because her last DJ was unavailable. So, we started to inform friends and figure out a rehearsal schedule. But a week later, she informs me that she talked her previous DJ and they agreed to do the gig together instead.
Okay, since I have no contract involved, I was not bound to do the gig. So, I withdrew.

But, in a few days, she has returned and requested me for her gig again because the previous DJ was not working out. I accepted but, I wonder. Should I draft a binding contract for her to sign? She released me once and I don’t fully trust her to not do it again.
So, I drafted a contract with a deposit to make it official. I was cautious not to fall into the same situation this time.

We had an excellent show and I have been the rapper’s DJ for all her show including the latest one in June 2019. But, I still draft a contract and send it to her to sign. So, she has proof and so do I.

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