Change in Scenery (day 12)

I moved from Stockton to Sacramento. I have been living in a 4 bedroom house in south Sacramento for 2 1/2 years. I rented a child size room with 2 windows. The house had several problems. It was definitely a project home. It was not welcoming. People could see that I was unhappy with my living situation but, I maintain and kept myself busy doing … Continue reading Change in Scenery (day 12)

Day 6: 13 views of Sacramento (in Senryu)

Poet: Pain in the city Minds are numb by so much pain But, we want some more Governor: In charge of the state But this city is a mess The mayor will fix it Homeless: do you have some change? They act like they don’t see me Still they go around State Worker: have to get to work Only here for ten hours Hmm, happy … Continue reading Day 6: 13 views of Sacramento (in Senryu)