Day 13 – My Blue day Ghazal 

I woke up while the sun was asleep. Commuting to work as I await for the sky to turn blue.

Walking down the street and got stop by an oxymoron. He asked me if I had any blues.

Browsing through my dad’s records. I listen to the musicians play the blues

Riffing with comics and one was shock. My material is quite blue.

I got Rap music playing in my headphones. I’m vibing on songs with MED and Blu

I worked on the character of my logo. He is not a smurf but he is blue.

Gangbanger live in my neighborhood. Crips all around. Just Blacks in blue.

They hoping to find a sucker slipping. So, they can beat him down black and blue.

My father & brother are Marines and my cousin is a coast guard. My family wears navy blue

My girlfriend, on the phone, is depressed. She hopes I stop by today because she feeling blue.

But I just got a call on winning a new car. It was out of the blue.

It funny how middle Americans are racist and sadistic but they believe they’re true blue.

I wear smile on my face but a middle finger to cops. Never trust the boys in blue.

I had a slam in Paris and finished with high numbers. The host screams sacre bleu.

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