Day 3 – Elegy to My 20s 


My 20s
I miss you so
I miss the long night of having fun
And the short cash to pay dues.

No children to be responsible for
But put away childish things
Because they call me an adult.

To Overindulge on all vices as a pick me up
But loss friends because they couldn’t give it up

Crying like a baby for losing family
And reevaluate places I go for safety

Understanding that love and relationships work different.
By losing people personally and in business.

Graduating with degrees and military accomplishments.
But realizing that I am glad that I survive all of it.

Rest in peace

Day 2 – Tuna Roma

Tuna Roma
Will put you in a coma
Sitting there
Like folks from Oklahoma

So get a large bowl
Dump in these ingredients
2 cans of Tuna, spaghetti sauce, and cooked pasta
Stir with a big spoon
And do the Chacha
Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese
It will make you weak in the knees.

Cover with waxed paper
Nuke for 4 minutes
Uncover the top
And throw the rest of the cheese in it.
Let it sit covered
As the cheese melt
Uh, Hope you like the Beatles
You’re about to scream help.

Something for the kids and lone performers. I like to introduce you to Tuna Roma

click here is the recipe:


NaPoWriMo Early Bird Prompt: Haibun – Host Duty


I wrote a Haibun with the NaPoWriMo early bird Prompt. It is on my first open mic Host Duty at Joe Montoya’s Poetry Unplugged in Sacramento, CA:

On March 30, 2017:

I went to Luna’s cafe to be a spectator or performer for the open mic night. But I was bestowed an uncommon opportunity: I became the host of Joe Montoya’s poetry unplugged. Unbelievable. I have a café packed with a great audience, a half – filled list of eager performers and poet wanting to get on stage, and no feature to showcase their work.

I was definitely going to work some magic in this room tonight. But, I pulled it off and it worked out. So, attending Joe Montoya’s Poetry Unplugged for a year and 9 months,  I have worked every open mic show role.  I have performed on that stages as an amateur, a feature (Duo and Solo), and now a host. So let’s see what is next? Owner?

New host rises from the crowd
New journey begins