Day 4 – Banana meets Strawberry (Enigma)


One day, a banana met a strawberry in a fruit bowl. They talked about their interests and goals. They went off to the counter and the banana started to peel. The strawberry was impressed of the big tall banana. So, they both took a dip in the yogurt bowl and swam around. “Oh, banana,” said strawberry, “you are so great. I want to blend with you.”
“I want to blend with you.” said an excited banana. The banana caress strawberry’s seeded exterior which started a spiral in the yogurt bowl. They began to swirl and swirl.
“Oh, Strawberry!”
“Oh, Banana!”
The swirling was intense. They blended so hard they started to merge. Then, banana felt something. Then, strawberry felt something.
“Oh my god! Oh my god! Don’t stop!”

The feeling was getting stronger and stronger. “I can’t believe it!” Screamed strawberry, “This is incredible!”
The feeling was reaching its apex.

Their emotions heighten. Their senses peaking.

Lost themselves in the feeling, banana and strawberry started to speak:
I’m gonna!   I’m gonna!



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