Day 24: Hunting Season

The bugle horn sounds
two shadow of men run from the glaring sunrise
Deep into the dark labyrinth forest
The hunting party comes

The bugle horn sounds
Dogs barking with excitement
Scent of human sweat has mist the air
Prey is near

The bugle horn sounds
One man is tired and fustrated
Discovers a hollow log & crawls inside
Other man continues to run
Before he realizes, he is alone.

Silent falls on to his ears
Where is the bugle horn sound
No dogs panting
Shifty eyes start to scan the forest
He is frozen solid with fright

Then a scream occurs from behind
He knows
The snails of prey feast on the man hidden in the log
He is alone.

He hide in a tall old flourish oak tree
His fingernails stab into the bark
Climbing to a tree branch with leafy camouflage
He looks though the hole for his hunters

Dog growls start to pierce the silence
Bush branches are broken for passage
Dogs appear as steeds with furry riders

“They’re bunnys?!”
He widen with shock
A weak branch breaks from behind
Guns unholstered and pointed at tree
With a devilish grin, one bunny speaks:
“What’s up, Doc?”

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