Silence at the railway station (day 5)

SILENO EN LA ESTACIÓN DE FERROCARRIL By Sergio Raimondi Acostado de lado, con un codo incómodo apoyado en el cemento y la cabeza tirada hacia atrás, duerme. Rodillas dobladas, pies contra el culo, al aire la panza enorme, boca abierta al cielo, chata nariz. Esto es obra de dos o tres tetra-brik. Si fuera de mármol estaría expuesto en un museo de Roma, Londres o … Continue reading Silence at the railway station (day 5)

Iambic: 6 months as a publisher

I created and published a local literary zine / guide book in Sacramento that has been in circulation for six months. It is called Iambic. Click here to head over to the Iambic Tab. I never thought I would be a magazine publisher but here is why I did it. This article below was added to Iambic issue 6: Downtown Sacramento offers dozen of venues for art events. Second … Continue reading Iambic: 6 months as a publisher

Iambic’s Meet the Host: Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams extraordinary story goes beyond being a open mic host at Sacramento Poetry Center.  She is a speaker, published writer/ poet, English teacher, Coach, and visual artist. She considers herself an artistic Healer.  Her website, Restory your life, present her work and her experience with Post traumatic stress disorder.  I interview Wendy with 10 unique questions for July’s issue: When did you start writing poetry and why … Continue reading Iambic’s Meet the Host: Wendy Williams

Playing solo(mentality)

Say What?

I was surprised to find out that masturbation month was celebrated in May. An odd rabbit hole to fall into. In the past, it occurred to me how ashamed I felt about the act.  I never wanted to catch my kids or vise-versa doing it. It was a struggle to understand that masturbation is normal.  We all should educate ourselves(with our partners) about masturbation to destroy the taboo in society.  The more we understand it, the better we will feel about it. But, what about mental masturbation?

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