Playing solo(mentality)

Say What?

I was surprised to find out that masturbation month was celebrated in May. An odd rabbit hole to fall into. In the past, it occurred to me how ashamed I felt about the act.  I never wanted to catch my kids or vise-versa doing it. It was a struggle to understand that masturbation is normal.  We all should educate ourselves(with our partners) about masturbation to destroy the taboo in society.  The more we understand it, the better we will feel about it. But, what about mental masturbation?

Mental Masturbation

I am more guilty of the mental activity than the physical one.  I would call my friend and we would talk about social issues, financial issues, work and ideas for hours. We would quote speeches, blog posts, podcasts, articles, and books that inspired us to take actions. Then, after the conversation, we would go back to what were previously doing and never implement most or all the decisions we talk about.  This action is considered mental masturbation.  I do like Daniel Coffeen’s article: Three cheers for mental masturbation. He state the appeal and redundancy of it as he simplify it to purpose of running. It is funny to think of the feedback he would get from running fans for the statement.  I do like his coined term, “Articulation to Thinking.”
It takes away the perverse stigma that offends peoples. But, He does understand its main crime is TMI (too much information).

Sandy Grason states that we become addicted to the A-HA moment.  The moment that we have constructed all this information and visualize an interesting solution is not surprising.  But, when we do not act upon it, then it was a waste of time and that is the problem.  Check out the Urban dictionary: definitions. They are pretty funny to read especially the sample conversations.  I will also put in the Sandy Grason’s Huffington post article below. But, until next time, Happy Masturbation Month to all:

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