RES’ Big Bike Adventure (part 1)

Happy National Bike Month to all bicyclists and commuters out there. This is a 3-part story about a bicycle. Unlike Pee Wee, I did not have to go cross country, a hospital, a biker bar, or Hollywood to recover my bike. But, I did need to get a new bike. So, let start the Research:


I began my research on the internet and realized how expensive bicycles have become.  Bicycles have been revamped and reintroduced as a new culture.  Lance Armstrong’s cycling winnings were like Tiger Woods’ early performance to Golf.  These famous athletes started a movement that has grown into a cultural phenomenon. The old 10 speed wiry bicycles can’t compare to today’s specialized bicycles on the market.   Plus, specialized bicycles are expensive. Some bikes cost as much as actual base model car.

So, I went to Performance Bike to get some insight on modern bicycles.  The salesperson, Annie, was definitely a sponge of knowledge.  She explain that bicycle’s standards are more advanced to their predecessors in the today’s market. Today type of bicycles are designed for various road conditions: Mountain, Road, and Hybrid. These bicycles come in various sizes.  For more information, check out: Bike Size Guide bike-sizes-standard

Bicycles range between different types of riders (as stated on the chart above). So, the old 10 speed bike doesn’t compared to today’s “road” bicycles. She even examined my bike and found that I was not meant to ride this 10 speed construct. The bike’s frame size was smaller than my body length. A definite problem she immediately addressed. Since I am 6’1″ even, my new bicycle will have to be 60 centimeters long.  That is a large bike.  Well, I better start the hunt.

To Be Continued……

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