Ode to my life (Day 7)

I was born a son that became a brother.
A soldier who became a College graduate; twice
a boyfriend/lover that turn into a father; twice.
But missed the role of husband; shame.

a high school basketball player(center); 1 season
Tae Kwon Do student(Blue Belt); fought a Korean boxer and got silver.
wrestling champion (bronze); never got the medal they owed me.

5k color runner(twice); never ran a marathon.

When I was young I like poetry but, it wasn’t hip-hop.
So, I became an emcee with no DJ.
So, I became a DJ without a studio.
So, I became an engineer but they needed music.
So, I became a producer but didn’t play an instrument.
So, I became a musician
and threw it all away to be a poet.

Good deed

Who enjoys a good deed? Me. Well, that depends. I was waiting at the bus stop near Natomas marketplace. I got a bag of full of tacos and a burrito. A definite Taco Tuesday entree. After eating, people started appearing at the stop to wait for the bus also. Traffic was busy and moving. Drivers racing to get to the freeway or marketplace.
Suddenly, a SUV broke down in the far left lane next to the island. The driver was waiting for the red traffic light. When the light changed green, all the cars passed the starting line except the SUV. It stalled and the driver was scared. She turned on her hazard light and waited. In a dangerous area, car approached with a sudden stop and carefully went around the stalled SUV. I evaluated the situation. I knew I couldn’t push it myself, so I waited and viewed the situation. The bus was late and the SUV was stuck in the left lane. What do I do?

Then a guy got off the bench and started to walk over.
I asked as he passes me: are you going over to help?
“Yep!” He said confidently.
“Cool, let go.” I say with assurance.

We run into traffic, with our backpacks on, to the SUV. He lets the woman driver know we are here to help. I get behind the SUV and start to push. She hasn’t release the emergency brake yet. He commands her to release the brake. She releases the brake. The SUV starts to move. There is no traffic so we are to clear to cut across the street.

I assumed she would turn right towards the side entrance into marketplace. But she didn’t. She aims for the main entrance. The downhill makes the SUV easy and fast to move. But we reach the bottom and the weight of the Suv starts to reveal itself. This thing is heavy. My legs are spazz and heart races. She takes right into the main entrance with an elevation that I have never noticed before. This SUV is heavy. We struggle to push this SUV to safety while the bus has arrived, has picked up the passengers at the stop, and leaves.
‎I groan: “she better appreciate this.”
‎as we pushed on the cobblestone. She maneuver to the gas station. My lungs are trying to catch a breath. When did a good deed turn into a full body work out?

“Hey. good job. Name’s Josh!” He said between breath.
“CharRon.” I said, exhaling.

The lady driver jumps out and thanks her rescuers.

“Thank you, Thank you!” She shouts.
“No problem. You take care, ma’am.” I say with a tired smile.
Josh and I walk back to the Bus stop. We talk about our appreciation for each other. He pulls out two bottles of water from his backpack and passes me one. I crack my open the bottle cap and take a swig. We both sit on the bench exhausted. Both smiling as we wait for the next bus.

So to all those about to do a good deed, tell them the whole plan or you, too, will be pushing heavy objects uphill.

Good deeds need people
Work for soul. Love for creatures.
Angel’s feathers earned

Day 20: The Shot

As the basketball leaves my hands, thoughts occur:
Will it go in,
Will my 3 months of practice be worth it,
Will my aim be true,
Will the push be enough,
Or is this all a waste of time to think about?

Since, the anticipation has got:
Fans rising out of their seats,
Cheerleaders gripping their pompoms,
Coach slowly crouching,
Bench warmers leaning in their seats,
And a Referee watching agressively.

All to the commentators’ last words:

And He shoots?


Pushup Challenge

Purple Hearts Foundation

I am a weirdo to be making pushup challenge video after work. I definitely get a few onlooker not sure what I am doing now.  If they want to say anything about me; say I am  unpredictable.  That could get me killed sooner or later. So the latest endeavor was inspired by an associate, Brittknee, doing a pushup challenge sponsored  by the Purple Hearts Foundation. I was unaware of this movement so, I researched it. The 22 pushup challenge movement is about 22 veterans per day commit suicide in the US. So, citizens perform 22 pushups for 22 days to promote the movement suicide prevention.  I saw this movement as a worthy cause. So, I started making pushup video to journal my progress. When I reached the 11th day, I started recording my pushups videos at different locations.  Being a veteran, I can relate to their struggle with civilian life.

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