Pushup Challenge

Purple Hearts Foundation

I am a weirdo to be making pushup challenge video after work. I definitely get a few onlooker not sure what I am doing now.  If they want to say anything about me; say I am  unpredictable.  That could get me killed sooner or later. So the latest endeavor was inspired by an associate, Brittknee, doing a pushup challenge sponsored  by the Purple Hearts Foundation. I was unaware of this movement so, I researched it. The 22 pushup challenge movement is about 22 veterans per day commit suicide in the US. So, citizens perform 22 pushups for 22 days to promote the movement suicide prevention.  I saw this movement as a worthy cause. So, I started making pushup video to journal my progress. When I reached the 11th day, I started recording my pushups videos at different locations.  Being a veteran, I can relate to their struggle with civilian life.

Life after the Military

Most veteran are not able to have easy transition when they leave the military.  Veterans could be homeless, disabled, unemployed, and drug abusers.  The factors are disturbing and intense.  I remembered my civilian transition took a toll with my mentality. I could not understand civilian life.  I struggled being a working college student with low income job offers to living on unemployment compensation a few times in my life.  Unemployment make you reevaluate your job choices but, frustration makes simple low income jobs mundane.

I have made productive stride during unemployment.  I received my associate degree and bachelor degree. I studied sign language, Spanish, Html5, PSP, & Java. I received a Red Cross card, my Tax preparation certificate, and practice playing piano.  I work a few freelance jobs and projects.  Keep your mind occupied, so depression does not sink in.


I was never enjoyed daily routines until I was older.  It will give you a sense of purpose when days are stagnant.  It could be as simple as making your bed to running 2 miles each morning.  You have the control to your routine functions.  People find it amusing that I celebrate Hump day and Taco Tuesday.  I believe that everyday is a gift, so why not celebrate them by having something to look forward to.

Check out my pushup Challenge video here on FacebookInstagram and Youtube.

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