Bull Hunting

I was happy to find the Goldman and Sach Bull but, there was a crowd surrounding it. Everybody wanted a picture with the bull including myself. Some people even tried to mount it. I was hoping they fell off. But this caught my attention: the amount of people who touch the bull’s nether regions. Even more surprising: it was the shiny part on a brass bull.

Face the Bull

Life events have always encounter resistance from an opposing force.  I have face my lion share. But each obstacle is an experience that has a lesson.  You just have to find it. Sometimes, we allow our emotion to overcome our judgment and this creates fear to resistance. I encourage everyone to challenge your fears because failure is not always going to end you but you surrender; will. You must produce the courage and endurance to progress.

If you take a problem and break it down to smaller levels, like a video game, then you can see the progess you achieve.  This is a confidence builder for anyone.

Now, I am not telling you that you must face everything larger than you (like this bull here), but don’t it detour you. Everything can be defeated. You may have to use strategy.  If you did, congratulation! Did you learn something or was it luck? If you did not, are you giving up or are you going to try again until you succeed?


  1. Fear is an emotion, not a wall
  2. I have goals, but excel with deadlines.
  3. Never stop learning


The simplicity in my words will offend different opinions but has fear impede us to excel in many life ventures in society.  If we live at the bottom, how we be afraid to work our way to the top?

Plus, I got my daughter a New York Cap and postcard. Not bad for daddy gifts.

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