Bull Hunting

I was happy to find the Goldman and Sach Bull but, there was a crowd surrounding it. Everybody wanted a picture with the bull including myself. Some people even tried to mount it. I was hoping they fell off. But this caught my attention: the amount of people who touch the bull’s nether regions. Even more surprising: it was the shiny part on a brass bull. Continue reading “Bull Hunting”

Manhattan to Brooklyn: Bridge Style

So Cheshire suggested we walk across the Manhattan bridge to return to Brooklyn.  I was adventurous since, we were hanging in Chinatown and dined in Little Italy for a while. It was a two miles stretch with a gorgeous view of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Many New Yorkers crossed this bridge with or without cars. Their activities varied but they used the scenery and distance to their advantage. I noticed the building rooftops were the tenant’s backyard. Many barbeques and parties were performed on there. Some rooftops even have swimming pools, tennis courts, batting practice area, or golf driver courses. One group were having a wedding ceremony. They definitely utilize all the building space.

After we crossed, we went to Juniors restaurant for cheesecake and black and white cookie. The food was excellent. I laugh now because people associate food with a regional area like NY cheesecake, Philly sub, Florida oranges, Idaho potatoes, or Georgia peaches. But when you are there, it is just food.

My Last Day in NYC

Did you wake up this morning and said, “I am going to have an awesome adventure.” I did and made a list of places I wanted to see. But, I needed to finish my goal:
Touch all 5 boroughs of New York City.

I already did 4 of them and now I was on train to complete my final borough, The Bronx. I touchdown on Grand Concourse station. I walked around and noticed that it was more industrial than other boroughs.

My girlfriend told me that each borough carries their own personality. This idea surprised me. I visualized New York City as Voltron. Each borough connection was different. I wondered which part each borough played? I assumed Manhattan was the body and head. I found out most New Yorkers consider Manhattan as New York City. That was interesting.

We started at the north end of Central Park in Harlem and began our exploration. There are a lot of movies that filmed in New York City that always have a central park scene. The Central Park architects actually made another park in the Brooklyn area called Prospect Park.

It was interesting to discover that the Central Park architects like Prospect Park more because they were able to correct any design flaws they found in Central Park.

So, even their most famous and popular design is not their favorite. That make me wonder if the painting of the Mona Lisa is Leonard de Vinci’s favorite work of art?

Record Store Day

A-1 Record Shop

I went back to East village to check out the Nuyorican Cafe once again. Then I changed my mind and headed to A-1 Record Shop. Today was Record Store Day, so I let out DJ Resolution and went shopping. I felt like Havoc(from Mobb Deep) on Mass Appeal’s Beat Roulette. A lot of records for a small space. They had DJs playing records in the store and doing turntable routines. I like their selection, but I was looking for the new J-Dilla CD and it was only on record. So, I bought a T-shirt to support the cause.

Turntable Lab

I talked to the cashier at A-1 records and he suggested I check out Turntable Lab around the corner. So that what I did. Now, A-1 record shop is store full of records. Turntable Lab is a DJ specialty store. It amazes me the sizes of these shops are in New York City. Most of these shop are about half the size of a subway car.  DJ Resolution hit jackpot. Controllers, stands, turntables, break records, lights, and beat machine was all over the walls.  I definitely enjoyed looking at items that were going on the Christmas list (or Tax return).

First Run in New York

I ran 4.75 miles at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  Cheshire thought I was crazy since we had walked 14 miles on Friday. I definitely wanted to mark a run in New York City.
Surprisingly, the park was bigger than I anticipated. There were more hills and valleys that I have been accustomed to.  Plus, there was a Bike race going on too. I am still sore from that run.