Record Store Day

A-1 Record Shop

I went back to East village to check out the Nuyorican Cafe once again. Then I changed my mind and headed to A-1 Record Shop. Today was Record Store Day, so I let out DJ Resolution and went shopping. I felt like Havoc(from Mobb Deep) on Mass Appeal’s Beat Roulette. A lot of records for a small space. They had DJs playing records in the store and doing turntable routines. I like their selection, but I was looking for the new J-Dilla CD and it was only on record. So, I bought a T-shirt to support the cause.

Turntable Lab

I talked to the cashier at A-1 records and he suggested I check out Turntable Lab around the corner. So that what I did. Now, A-1 record shop is store full of records. Turntable Lab is a DJ specialty store. It amazes me the sizes of these shops are in New York City. Most of these shop are about half the size of a subway car.  DJ Resolution hit jackpot. Controllers, stands, turntables, break records, lights, and beat machine was all over the walls.  I definitely enjoyed looking at items that were going on the Christmas list (or Tax return).

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