Manhattan to Brooklyn: Bridge Style

So Cheshire suggested we walk across the Manhattan bridge to return to Brooklyn.  I was adventurous since, we were hanging in Chinatown and dined in Little Italy for a while. It was a two miles stretch with a gorgeous view of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Many New Yorkers crossed this bridge with or without cars. Their activities varied but they used the scenery and distance to their advantage. I noticed the building rooftops were the tenant’s backyard. Many barbeques and parties were performed on there. Some rooftops even have swimming pools, tennis courts, batting practice area, or golf driver courses. One group were having a wedding ceremony. They definitely utilize all the building space.

After we crossed, we went to Juniors restaurant for cheesecake and black and white cookie. The food was excellent. I laugh now because people associate food with a regional area like NY cheesecake, Philly sub, Florida oranges, Idaho potatoes, or Georgia peaches. But when you are there, it is just food.

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