So, my friend, Pedro, is leaving for Minnesota to persue his law degree today. I met him performing poetry at Luna’s cafe. We became friends. Plus, he was in the Army, so we had several stories to share. Everytime, he would get on stage, I would shout “P” from my seat. I was definitely one of his fans.

I consider him my classmate for 2016 class of Joe Montoya’s poetry unplugged at Luna’s cafe in Sacramento. We both ran around in the Sacramento Poetry Scene. I still enjoy hearing his poem, Noah. His poetry was traditional but filled with twist. It included biblical, native American, and military references.

He always told me that he would rather write poetry than read it. But he chose read so, he could present it to the public. This venture led him to be a guest feature at Luna’s cafe and a member of the Sac Slam team.

I wish him safe journey on his next venture. I will miss him and his poems on the stage at Luna’s cafe.

I talk about him on my latest podcast episode of Res on the Go:

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