Production Side

In The Beginning

I was playing musical instruments and working production before I started Deejaying.  Most hip-hop producers were Djs first. I started playing musical instruments in 5 grade.  But, I stopped after two years to pursue typing (not my choice).  In my teenage years, I started searching for music for my rap lyrics. Unforunately, I didn’t know any local music producers.  So, I went to record stores.

My early production process was simple: I would raid the record store for maxi-singles and instrumental CDs. Then, I would write songs to the instrumentals and perform them at talent shows. I acquired a large CD collection.

Sgt. Johnson

My production style started to evolve in Washington state. While working on songs with my rap group, The Essence Of, I met Sgt. Johnson and he began our first sound engineer. I would ask questions during recording breaks about recording. He noticed my curiosity about production. So, one day, he surprised me with a gift: an Alesis HR 16 drum machine and a guitar amplifier. I was amazed. I took it home and started playing with it. My partner, Malcolm, saw this as a great opportunity for me to learn about music production for our group.

So I started shopping at music store and looked for recommended hip-hop hardware. It was expensive.  An AS-10 were $1200, a MPC 2000 were $1000, etc. So, I went a different route: software.

The Software Route

My first music programs were Cakewalk and Mixman. I purchased a desktop computer with a Soundblaster Soundcard and a Casio keyboard. I was determined to learn. So, I began to purchase music magazines and books.  I figured how to connect midi cables to my Casio keyboard, drum machine, and computer. Then I started to make a decent beats in a few months. Plus, I started to teach myself keyboard playing, programming, recording and remixing by using music magazines and books.

JAY of B&R Production

My rap group got a new official music producer, Jay of B&R production. he produce most of the songs on my first group album: The Essence of EP. I watched and studied his method. His funky music style amazed me.  One day, I brought over my drum machine to show him. He was impressed and began playing it. He created a funky beat on my drum machine that blew me away in 10 minutes.  I still have that beat on it.

The Remixer

To advance on my musical studies, I saw a great opportunity to integrate my large CD collection with my music production by remixing songs.  Remixing became a big thing since, the increase popularity of dance music. So, the use of accapellas off CD maxi -singles was wonderful.  I would also use remix programs (Acid, Mixman, and Ableton) to compile musical loops with music artist’s recordings.  Plus, I graduated with sound engineering certificate from American Music. So, I would make music in multiple genre: Hip hop, House, Drum and Bass, Grimes, 2-step, and Trap for several years. I started A Serious Production and aquired additional new gear and music programs.  I opened several music accounts and uploaded a few music tracks.

My Big Break

When you don’t trust people, you begin to hide your creation. I didn’t want them to steal my music without my permission. So, I was holding unfinished songs and instrumentals on my hard drives for years with nothing to show for it. Luckily, I started working as a recording engineer at Aloha Studios in Stockton.

It wasn’t until I met my friend Letter K and TG that I started playing my music to them. We made a compilation album for Letter K’s 5150 record label.  I produced 3 songs, recorded various artists’ music, and engineered the compilation at Aloha Studios. I give a big thanks to Letter K for believing in me.

R-Cal’s first EP

My first solo production project was my little brother, R-Cal. He was starting to be an interesting MC and Beatboxer. So, I persuaded him into producing his first 5 song EP.  He agreed and R-Calogy: the study of C.A.M was created.  The EP was loaded with Beatboxed and musical composition songs with one guest feature MC, Letter K.  He rapped and beatboxed. I engineered, ad-libbed, and produced. It still available for download here on Noisetrade. Not bad for my first solo production credit.

It’s Only 5 (almost)

My first solo album never appeared because I never finish it.  I did make one video for the single, High Scorer on Youtube. But, I never finish my 5 song album that I co-produced and co-wrote it with Juda.  I fell into a low point in my life that consumed my creativity.  I never finished what I started.  But, I still have 80% of the album done.  I never said I quit.


I have been producing music for myself and others artists for almost 20 years.  I have worked with numerous artists.  I have produced and engineer several projects.  I still have a Soundcloud page and Reverbnation page. I enjoy music production and sound engineering.  Now, I work with a local Burlesque group, Pesky Passionettes, as their sound engineer and DJ.  It’s different, but I enjoy the work the same as making my music.


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