Res’ Big Bike Adventure (part 2) – The Hunt

Happy National bike Month to Everyone and welcome back to the second installment of our 3 part story of getting my first specialized bicycle:

Now, I understood what types of bicycles to search for in today’s market from my research(check out: Part 1). So, lets begin the next step: The hunt(Trumpets Sounds). After scanning the Internet and newspapers, I noticed price will be a main factor in my purchase. Bicycle prices ranged from a video game consoles to 2008 used car. Bicycles have become specialized and are consider a luxury item to society’s consumer market. I felt nostalgic for my BMX bike I had as a my youth.  Since new specialized bicycles were expensive, I looked at thrift stores, garage sales, swap meets, Craigslist and E-Bay to find a used bikes.

A Craigslist post caught my attention: a dude was selling a GT Timberline because it was too big for him to ride. I check a few sites and comments about the GT Timberline and I became interested.  I emailed him back to meet at the Sherwood Mall, but he rather meet at the Dollar store on Charter Way in Stockton.  I told him that too far since I would be walking there, but he convinced me that it would be worth it. So I took a three bus journey across town to Charter Way. I arrived at Dollar General and waited for 15 minutes.

When he finally arrives, he walks up with a dirty 13 speed road bike that has a broken chain link, flat tire, and a nearly detached back wheel. What The. . . ?  He even brought a hand pump to inflate tires and tools to fix the bike in the parking lot. He, then, told me his price. I shook my head and left. Worst presentation ever. I was not happy, not happy at all. So, I caught the first bus back home and left him there with his broke down bike. First failed attempt.

To be concluded on Monday 5/15. Have a great Mother’s Day




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