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Podcast: Meet the Host ft. Grace Loescher

In May issue (Volume 1, Issue 2), Iambic’s CharRon has a discussion with Grace Loescher, One of Host of Sacramento Speak Out, an Open Mic Show at Shine Cafe in Sacramento.

Grace is a DC native who moved to California after her university graduation in Florida.  She became a program director of Waking the Village, a non-profit organization devoted to ending youth homelessness.

She became host, accidently, after Midtown Outloud host shutdown the open mic show at Shine Café in November 2016. She and 2 other host (Matt Walsh and HK Poet) banded together and open a new open mic show called Sacramento Speak Out.  The open mic show has a strong LGBTQA following that still continues to thrive in Sacramento.

An spoken word artist herself, she collaborated with Singer-songwriter Jordan Moore on their new EP, Some call it holy. The EP is available on ITunes.  They also just completed a mini tour in Downtown Sacramento.

We discuss being a new host and being a poet, something that she did not go to college for(Grace has degrees in Studio Art and Theater Art). Plus, Being a solo host and working with others. For more information about Grace and her endeavors, check out her website:


I am a Poet, DJ, Musician, Rapper, Father, Podcaster, Writer, and Movie Buff.

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